Why You Need to Choose for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction disrupts the sexual life of many men and their partners. When to consult a doctor if the rigidity seems insufficient and how to judge? When can we talk about erectile dysfunction? And if there are troubles, what can be the causes and what will be the appropriate treatments? Many questions but answers exist.

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Before consulting your doctor, it is important to differentiate between occasional sexual breakdown and persistent erectile dysfunction. Indeed, all men experience transient and one-off sexual breakdowns when they are stressed or tired. As one age, the time to onset of a satisfactory erection can be increased and these changes are normal from the age of fifty. From the bluechew review you can also know the best solutions now.


We must therefore consult:

  • If erectile dysfunction last for more than 3 months.
  • If the problems encountered cause suffering, whether physical or psychological.

It can be intimidating to approach this issue with your doctor. It is therefore advisable to consult a doctor with whom you speak easily! Doctors are used to this subject and know the difficulty of men to talk about their troubles. These are very frequent reasons for consultation. Sometimes the doctor consulted does not feel fit to treat erectile dysfunction, in which case he will send the patient to a colleague and will then be informed of the therapeutic follow-up.

Consult alone?

The first consultation can be done alone but it is advised then that the partner is associated because its implication and its support are very important elements for a durable positive result.

These treatments all have important contraindications and interactions with other drugs (such as nitrates for example) that can be serious. They are also contraindicated with the consumption of grapefruit juice and other medications used punctually. Talk to a doctor or pharmacist.

  • Their use can be done in the short term (a few weeks) for a transitional concern, until the return of a self-confidence and in particular for the men remained long alone and without relations who need to be in confidence during the meeting a new partner (medication management for a psychological problem).

The use can also be long term for men with proven vascular pathology (diabetes, hypertension, heavy smokers), but also according to the age of the patient.

Hormonal therapy may be offered if a biological test showed a decrease in testosterone associated with clinical signs such as fatigue and a significant increase in abdominal fat. Testosterone can help regain sexual desire and also increases muscle strength. This treatment is only temporary and should be monitored by testosterone dosages in the blood.

Local treatment may be proposed and in particular injections into the penile corpuscles of substances allowing to have a very fast erection of good quality (and even in the absence of sexual stimulation). They are only issued on medical prescription and are reimbursed when erectile dysfunction is related to a serious and well-defined physical injury (following prostate cancer and prostatectomy, paraplegia or quadriplegia, multiple sclerosis).

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