Why Choose Refurbished Stretchers?

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Transporting patients has long been the jobs of stretchers and cots. They are an indispensable part of any professional medical organization. Carrying patients from the hospital to the ambulance, from the ambulance to their homes and vice versa is almost always accomplished by stretchers. It is always a good idea for medical organizations to possess good quality stretchers since mishaps can cause unwanted injuries and accidents.

The Refurbished Stretchers

These days, the refurbished medical equipment market is booming. With the increased demand for high quality at low prices and the rise in geriatric population, refurbished medical equipment has proved to be a boon for the healthcare industry. According to reports, the refurbished medical equipment industry is expected to cross a USD 15 billion valuation by 2023, with a CAGR of 12%. Refurbished stretchers are just a piece of the jigsaw, a small element of the big picture.

Is it Different from New Stretchers?

Refurbished stretchers offer the same functionality as new ones. Retailers like Coast biomedical equipment offer fully refurbished stretchers from leading manufacturers such as Stryker and Ferno. Every stretcher undergoes a thorough inspection before being put up for sale. All broken parts are changed or replaced, and then technicians add cosmetic parts after the painting process is completed. When retailers are sure that no compromise on quality has been made, only then do they put up these refurbished stretchers for sale.

Final Words

Refurbishing of medical equipment has manifold benefits. Cost-effectiveness with no compromise on quality is one of the biggest reasons why medical organizations opt for refurbished equipment these days. Given the current state of the market, the reports above are destined to be true, if the current trend continues in full swing. With equipment such as refurbished stretchers, saving money and enjoying high-end products simultaneously is now possible!

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