Why And How To Quit Smoking

Smoking daily increases the risk of dying from lung cancer. It’s obvious that we are very well aware of the threat tobacco and cigarettes pose to our health, although we don’t get a lung cancer suddenly it is a gradual process that doesn’t take time eventually before lung cancer we also get tormented by coughs, asthma and colds.

Over 23.5% of adults who smoke cigarettes in Australia have lung cancer and 65% of death from smoking also occurs as a result of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) and most of the deaths are from males.

However, smoking is a preventable disease, but longtime smokers are addicted to making it hard to quit smoking. Not to worry about being an addict, how to quit smoking and gain your normal life back.

Effects of Smoking

Tobacco and Cigarettes addict are blind to the negative effects of smoking on their body and how it affects their personal life. The following are some of the major effects of smoking:

  • Smoking excessively leads to blindness especially in adults over the age of 60 years in Australia.
  • Sex could be a necessity between partners, and smoking causes the narrowing of your blood vessels leading to erectile dysfunction.
  • Smoking results to dying from cancer which includes lung cancer and colorectal cancer (which form within your intestine) amongst others.
  • Smoking increases the risk of losing your teeth from usually caused by a gum infection that destroys the bone which supports the teeth.

The above are just a few effects of smoking. However, it also has its effect on the heart, reproductive health, increases your susceptibility to infection, tobacco poisoning and cognitive decline.

You Should Quit Smoking

The effects of smoking can be diminished and stopped the sooner you quit smoking. Giving up smoking is not an easy process because it requires restraint from the drive to keep smoking especially for an addict.

For starters, you can suppress the urge to smoke and eventually quit smoking when you follow these recommendations in the long run. This include:

  • Start by slowly reducing the number of cigarettes intake daily.
  • Replace the nicotine in cigarettes with gums free of sugar or inhalers. Ginseng tea is very effective in reducing the appeal of smoking because it makes the taste of nicotine bitter.
  • Generally, foods and drinks help you get rid of smoking, but during the early stage of trying to quit smoking, you don’t get the taste to consume foods but as bad as the feeling seems, you have to consume as many fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy for a long period of time till you gain back your taste for normal food.
  • Request for emotional support from your friends and family. It is not an easy road to drive down alone and also seek the consultation of your doctor for a recommendation on techniques that are most likely to work with your body.


Smoking has a negative effect on your health and mental stability, you have to try as much as possible to get through the addiction and ensure you stay healthy for the rest of your life.

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