What’s Involved in Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

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Addiction illness is a different experience for each individual sufferer, which is why there are several different approaches to its treatment. Increasingly, drug and alcohol rehab in San Jose has a strong component of holistic therapy as it has been shown to be very effective in the treatment of substance use disorder. The reason it is so effective is that it addresses the whole person in terms of emotional, physical and psychological well-being, which are the areas that have been most damaged by substance abuse.

What Is Holistic Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

The philosophy behind holistic approaches to drug and alcohol rehab in San Jose is that overall well-being is reliant on many interacting components. Therapies are designed to address each element to enable patients to bring their bodies and minds back into balance. This is particularly beneficial in alcohol rehab in San Jose as many patients will have completely lost their body’s sense of equilibrium as a consequence of substance abuse.

Treating addiction is not as simple as going through detox and then taking a few pills. Addiction is incredibly complex and develops in unique ways for each patient and holistic therapy provides them with plenty of options to support them through their journey to recovery. It is important to get to the root causes of addiction in patients and mindfulness practices like meditation are a good example of how holistic practices encourage self-exploration.

Someone attending alcohol treatment centers in San Jose has to come to an understanding of why their lives have become dominated by substance abuse. It is only by identifying the negative thoughts and behaviors that trigger alcohol or drug use that work can be done to adapt and change them. Mindfulness practices encourage people to clear their minds of internal dialogue in order to achieve a relaxed state, which is a valuable coping mechanism in the face of triggers when patients go home after alcohol rehab in San Jose.

How Physical Fitness Can Contribute to Longer Term Recovery

Drug and alcohol rehab in San Jose offers a great environment for outdoor activities and physical pursuits which are also highly effective in addiction rehab. When someone exercises, their bodies release endorphins which send pleasure signals to the brain which is why people get a “high” sensation after working up a sweat. Incorporating physical exercise into a daily routine while in rehab is a positive step towards healing the body which has suffered considerably as a result of substance abuse.

When someone starts to see their bodies changing as a result of regular exercise, it can be a real boost to their self-esteem. Because recovery from addiction is very goal-orientated, an exercise regime is an excellent way for patients in alcohol rehab in San Jose and recovery to monitor their progress and celebrate successes. Many people who are recovering from addiction illness have neglected themselves and may have even developed depression as a consequence of substance abuse. Physical exercise goes a long way to restoring self-confidence and boosting the chances of achieving longer-term sobriety.

The Holistic Approach to Dual Diagnosis

Many people with addiction also have an underlying or co-occurring mental health condition. There is a strong relationship between addiction and mental health and so it is not uncommon for people to present the symptoms of both. These patients are known as dual diagnosis and they require specialist drug treatment in San Jose to address both conditions separately, while at the same time.

Holistic therapies have been shown to be highly effective in dual diagnosis patients, mainly because they address all the contributing factors of most mental health conditions including addiction. When someone is receiving drug treatment in San Jose they will have physical, emotional and psychological needs which many holistic therapies address on each level.

Why are Holistic Therapies so Effective?

Because holistic therapy treats the whole person, there is less need for other types of treatment such as traditional medications. This can be crucial for someone who has a history of prolonged drug abuse as they are unlikely to want to treat their addiction with another variant of the same drugs – even if they are prescribed.

Holistic therapies are completely natural. Some are hands-on practices like holistic massage or acupuncture; others focus more on improving emotional wellbeing through mindfulness like yoga and some have a biological bias and deal such as nutrition therapy and homeopathy. Because of the wide range of therapies available in our alcohol treatment centers in San Jose, patients are able to find something that resonates with them to incorporate into their lives in recovery.

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