What to Expect During Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

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Do your dentist recommends removing your wisdom teeth? Don’t delay it anymore, and be the reason for the future dental issues! Contact the right dentist and have the Wisdom Teeth removal in Melbourne without any delay. In case, if you think to delay the process because of the pain and cost associated with it, no need to worry now. Now, No Gap Dentists offer cheap wisdom teeth removal by giving the anesthesia that fit you.

Step 1: The dentist will check the condition of your teeth, gums and more via x-ray, and discuss the things that need to be done, and the wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne associate with it.

[Note: the wisdom teeth removal cost in Melbourne may vary depending on the number of teeth need to extract, a complication of the extraction, position, and stage of development.]

Step 2: On the next appointment, your dentist starts the wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne by giving anesthesia for your comfort level as well as the extractions required. This will numb the wisdom teeth and their surrounding tissues

Step 3: Then, your dentist begins the surgical part of the procedure by removing any gum tissue covering the area where the wisdom tooth is located.

In case, if your wisdom teeth are impacted and became complicated to remove the teeth, your dentist will make a small cut in the tissues to access the tooth.

Step 4: Even though if the teeth don’t erupt, the dentist will cut the teeth into small pieces, and remove it and prevent the tooth from breaking before it is removed from the socket.

Step 5: Then, your dentist will make stitches to close up the area. Once the procedure ends, your dentist will provide gauze for you to bite down on to help blood clot in the area.

When Your Wisdom teeth Removed?

  • To straighten other teeth, if you have complications with orthodontic treatments
  • If fluid-filled sac developed around the wisdom tooth
  • If your nearby tooth or surrounding bone has damage
  • If you have cavities in a partially erupted wisdom tooth
  • If you have an infection or gum disease
  • If food and debris trapping behind the wisdom tooth
  • If you get pain often around your impacted wisdom

Final Words

Require wisdom tooth extraction, and looking to have cheap wisdom teeth removal ? Contact No Gap Dentists and book an appointment! They offer not only quality dental services but also affordable service. Discuss with your dentist on wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne today!

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