What Next After Your Communication Degree?

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Every industry requires highly skilled personnel with respect to the communication. This is the reason for which you often spot communication skills among the core prerequisites of many job descriptions. Note that proper communication with your audience influences business success. This need ranges from trading and enhancing your relationship with other stakeholders to teaching and improving ideas in your business.

Therefore, a Communications Degree enables its holders to design information that relates to different audiences efficiently. Hence, holders of Communication degrees seek employment in all levels in varying companies. They also work in diverse departments. Consider the following jobs that you can get with your Communication’s Degree.

  1. Media – Editorial or video production assistant and junior producer

A Degree in Communication from the University of Phoenix  allows you to secure different jobs in the field of media. Hence, you can land in any sector of Journalism or Film and TV productions comprising of print, online and broadcast media. Even so, you must portray exceptional communication skills and manage to create and propagate data in involving and appropriate ways.

You also require appropriate work experience. Hence, if you desire to land in these careers, then you should prioritize attending internships while being party to student media productions. Prospective journalists, on the other hand, should build their résumés through enrolling for corresponding postgraduate degrees while working on their personal productions.

  1. Public Relations, Marketing & Advertising – Public Relations Assistant, Marketing Assistant and Junior Advertising Copywriters

Communication Degrees equip learners with written & oral communication skills that are vital in these fields. These graduates often create advertisement scripts, press releases, print campaigns, company presentations and attendance of media events. They must create and sustain professional association with the media and their customers alike.

Therefore, the candidate must possess excellent writing skills, un doubtable organizational skills and personal conduct that they acquire while pursuing their degrees.

  1. Education – Corporate Trainer, Teacher, Professor

Education is among the wide range of fields that require communication skills on a daily basis. You obviously need a teaching qualification in order to merit for teacher’s position in both primary and secondary school levels. In this case, you will have to undergo specialized training for a year or two depending on your country.

  1. Internal Communication within an Organization- Human Resources expert, Internal Communications Coordinator, Corporate Communications Manager

Human Resources Personnel and Internal Communications coordinators cannot avoid disseminating information appropriately to specific people at given times in the organization. Once employed in the given positions, you might recruit potential employees, create cognizance of training and specialized development programs or work on communicating the firm’s plans and rules flawlessly.

Technical Writer- Copywriter, Social Media Writer, Web Content Writer, Proposal Writer, Editor

Most of these jobs require merging your Communication’s Degree classes with industrial-based lessons. For instance, an effective Technical Writer must use their communication skills with the appropriate diction of their field acquired from industry-specific lessons. For instance, when employed in a Manufacturing company, you must express yourself like a manufacturer in your newsletters and memoranda. Similarly, when preparing Annual Financial Reports for the firm, you must write like a financial analyst. Even so, you must ensure that your reports also portray the image of typical media releases.

  1. Business- Customer Care representative, Administrative Assistant

The success of every business heavily depends on the effectiveness of its communication with internal and external stakeholders. Open and friendly association directly affects a firm’s sales. Equally, creating and maintain satisfied clients demands that you interact well with them. Ideally, the language that businesses use in marketing, Public Relations and Advertising can either attract or put off potential clients.

Following the significance of communication to business success, a Communication’s Degree presents awesome opportunities for joining the Business world.

Different industries and businesses hire Communications Degree Graduates at the entry-level positions. Even so, you must exhibit outstanding oral and written communication skills alongside strong presentation skills. In addition, you must demonstrate the awareness of business functionalities in different departments. In the end, your University of Phoenix Communications Degree will create more job opportunities for you.

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