What Kind Of Dental Specialist You Need – A Dentist or an orthodontist?

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Before you search for a dentist you must know that cosmetic dentist or an orthodontist has speciality in performing dental enhancement surgery. For serious tooth and gum related problems you must visit a professional dentist, who is trained accordingly and carries the required professional license.

Dentistry is a broad speciality and an orthodontist corrects the alignment of teeth, helps with the straightening of teeth using various methods, and general oral care. An orthodontist is a dentist, who has additional professional qualification in performing cosmetic dentistry. A dentist as well as an orthodontist can be approached to perform oral care.

Similarity and differences

They both are dental doctors, who provide oral care for teeth and gums. An orthodontist is only a specialized dentist who can be approached for improving your smile. An orthodontist can additionally, help patients with improving their bites, and provide corrective measures to align the misaligned teeth by fitting braces and following other methods.
dental doctors,
An orthodontist does not provide root canal, or offer services to remedy tooth decay. For these procedures you must approach a professional dentist. Fitting crowns, applying veneers, curing gum disease or any other oral disease is done by a dentist. Teeth whitening are also done by a dentist and not an orthodontist.

Alignment and jaw problems

  • Jaw and teeth alignment is treated by an orthodontist.
  • They also help in rectifying crooked teeth.
  • Problems like space between the teeth and overcrowding of teeth is also corrected.
  • You must schedule a consultation to know about their services.
  • Blindly do not sign up for services without a consultation.
  • You can communicate with them about your fears and anxieties about procedures.
  • Do a background check before consulting a dentist or an orthodontist.
  • Reviews alone are not enough.
  • Look at their previous works.
  • Accept their services only if you are satisfied.
  • Check their degrees and professional qualifications.
  • Orthodontists have higher qualifications.
  • Orthodontists usually use non surgical procedures to rectify the look of the teeth.
  • Over biting, under biting, and bad bites can be corrected by an orthodontist.

alignment is treated by an orthodontist

Take care of your teeth for a better smile

When you take care of your teeth, you can avoid tooth decay and cavities. Many oral and gum problems can be prevented when you take care of your oral hygiene. You can visit http://lesorthodontistes.ca for more information about dental care services.


Taking care of your dental health is vital for your overall health and well being. It also enhances the quality of your smile and boosts your self esteem.

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