Ways to Protect Yourself Against Phone Radiation

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Radiation comes from a lot of different sources. It is more common in cellular phones though as we make use of these devices on a daily basis. If you are constantly exposed to radiation, you might end up suffering from various diseases. For children, autism and ADHD have been linked to EMF exposure. Alzheimer’s and stress have also been linked to EMF exposure.

This is why you need to make sure that you are protected. It doesn’t mean you have to stop using your phone. You just have to be more responsible in using it.

  • Limit your phone use

When using your phone, it should not be over an extended period of time. It also helps to make use of headphones when calling someone. Placing your phone near your ears could make things worse. There is a higher dose of radiation that could harm you if you place it near your ear when calling.

  • Turn your phone off

When not in use, it is best to just turn the phone off. Even if it is not used, the phone continues emitting radiation. Therefore, you need to turn it off. You should also understand that when you are sleeping, your phone still emits radiation. It is not advised placing the phone next to you in bed.

  • Don’t let kids use phones

There are several reasons why you should ban kids from using phones. Of course, you want them to focus more on their studies. You also don’t want them to be addicted to games or surfing the net. Another reason is that kids are still developing. It means that they are more susceptible to damage brought about by radiation than adults. If they are at home and you want to contact them, use corded lines even if they are deemed obsolete. They emit less radiation.

  • Charge your phone

You might not realise this but when your phone batteries are well charged, they emit less radiation. On the other hand, low signal strength could boost the power output of the phone, leading to stronger radiation. When you are walking around, try not to place it in your pockets. Your hip is where 80% of red blood cells are produced. If exposed to EMF, it could be very risky.

  • Use EMF protection

If you really want to be certain of having cellphone radiation protection, there are devices that you can buy. They come in different forms. You can wear some of them like a pendant. They are essential in making sure that your body has a natural defense against these foreign elements. You use the devices just like you wear other jewellery. You won’t even realise you are using one.

Staying protected is extremely important, so you better start changing now.

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