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Doctor Who is a popular British TV series that its fans, or the Whovians as they call themselves, consider as a cultural institution of the highest order.  However, if you are one of those who haven’t tried to watch Doctor Who online just yet, you might still be baffled what this show is all about.

About Doctor Who TV Series

Originally, Doctor Who was meant to be a type of family educational TV program. The two original main characters were history and science teachers. Most of its early stories were completely historical without the presence of aliens. The historical stores were then phased out during the latter part of the 60s with alien settings becoming more popular instead.

The Doctor Who show has been part of the landscape of science fiction ever since 1963, playing a big role in the history of the genre. This series is about Doctor, a Time Lord humanoid alien travelling with a companion through space and time inside a time machine known as the Time And Relative Dimension In Space or TARDIS. The Doctor together with his companion has numerous adventures across different star systems, eras, and galaxies, and they also save the world during the process.

The Doctor’s character has been the focus not just of the British TV series but also of the one made for America in TV, movie, comic books, and science fiction novels.

The series originated as just a half hour show in black and white and after some time, it has turned into a drama in color that lasts for one hour.

The Doctor is Not Your Ordinary Medical Doctor

If you want to watch Doctor Who online, you have to make yourself familiar with the Doctor himself. As mentioned earlier, the Doctor is the time-traveling alien from Gallifrey planet who has travelled through time and space for many years. His power is regenerating when near death, and during the process, he also changes his appearance as well as his personality traits.

By far, there were already 11 incarnations of the Doctor in both the new and classic series, and numerous actors have played the role, with the story and character written and played in various ways as well. There are actors who were serious and dark, and there were also campy ones. The feeling and direction of the show have always been altered which depend on the one who plays the role of the Doctor at that specific given time.

Through the years, the Doctor has been used not just a character for mere entertainment but as an educational tool as well.

The Doctor’s Companions

While travelling through space and time, the Doctor always has a companion. There are some who were women, others were men, and there was also a robotic dog called K9.

Every companion of the Doctor is playing a crucial role in his life. There were companions that were friends, comic relief, partners, or love interests, but all of them played a vital part in making sure that the doctor stays attached and grounded to reality. Since it is possible that the Doctor is going to live forever, there is a chance that he will forget the essence of connection and life without these mortal sidekicks. With the increasing innovation in medical expertise and up-to-date digital engineering, you can use

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Watch Doctor Who online today and travel with the doctor and join him in his adventures.

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