Valuable Tips to Legally Buy Steroids in New Zealand

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Many people who visit New Zealand wonder where they can legally buy steroids! Some of the people get it shipped to their address from online suppliers. In New Zealand, it is illegal for bodybuilders to possess any kind of steroids. Sale and import is considered illegal for these steroids in New Zealand. Thus, the users choose to buy them from online vendors.

Recently, the news about Phil Musson who was caught importing and distributing various anabolic steroids to many bodybuilders has resulted in stricter laws. Phil Musson was awarded with Mr. New Zealand in 2005. He was found to be running illegal steroid laboratory and earning in millions.

Steroids in New Zealand

Trenbolone is very popular with veterinarians, as it is fed to animals for increasing their muscles before sending them to slaughter house. It is not sold in the market for human consumption. However, if you wish to buy it while in New Zealand, then you can buy steroids in following ways.

  • By obtaining prescription from any registered Doctor
  • Buying from legal steroid supplier like CrazyBulk
  • Not buying steroids that make unrealistic claims online
  • After reading the positive reviews over the internet
  • Any legal steroids available for sale

Having said all of the above, it is suggested that you be careful while buying one.

In 2003, one of the doctors told Musson to get fit or he may die. Since then within a year he joined the gym and lost lots of fat and in 2005 he won the bodybuilding title.

Musson also imported steroids from China and Hong Kong, and he had large varieties of steroids under his possession. In the year 2014 Musson was sentenced to jail for 4 years. There were seizures of Dianabol and Deca Durabolin from his underground lab.

Steroids and its history in New Zealand

Phil Musson’s story has become famous all over New Zealand how he became rich from his poor economic condition. He has been buying steroids from CN Pharmaceuticals and Titan. These companies are banned in New Zealand after the Musson episode however they are still distributing steroids in various other parts of the world.

If you buy steroids that are manufactured by any well reputed company then you are likely to get benefits. They are usually much safer and effective as well.

Steroids have plenty of medical uses too as it can treat AIDS patients and also useful for many different medical conditions. Steroid was first time used by Russian sportsmen who won most of the medals. That influenced many pharmaceutical companies to come out with various steroids, and now there are many different varieties of steroids available in the market.

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