Useful Methods to Treat Varicose Vains

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Varicose vains or pneumonic blood vessels are torture for millions of people around the world. Not only are the ugly, decreasing people’s confidence in themselves but they can also cause significant pain and discomfort.

People might need to seek professional medical treatments for varicose vainseven though they can sometimes be quite expensive. For the short term there are also many ways people can promote healthy blood flow, reducing the appearance and discomfort of pneumonic blood vessels.

The following are some useful tips anyone can do to help ease the problem:

Leg Elevation

Keeping the legs up in the air is one of the best methods to help with pneumonic blood vessels. As blood needs to circulate back to the heart from the legs, it needs to fight gravity to do so, negating this gravity problem helps the blood flow easier.

It’s best to elevate legs after long periods of walking, standing or sitting where the blood has been battling gravity for a while. This is particularly true after activities like work or sport.

Obviously elevating the legs above the level the heart will reverse the gravity effect so that blood is flowing down from the legs rather than up from them.

Anti-inflammation Medication

This method is especially useful for those with severe varicose vains that are causing them routine pain and discomfort. The painful swelling caused by inflammation can be reduced with the right anti-inflammatory painkillers.

Not only will they thin the blood, reducing the painful swelling but reduce pain in general because of the chemicals of the painkillers. While this medication can have fast benefits it is not advised to rely on it too often and should always be discussed with the doctor first.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

A no-brainer for anyone wanting to achieve positive health outcomes, diet and exercise are also key in helping with pneumonic blood vessels.

Healthy foods that improve heart function, like foods with fewer carbohydrates, help with making the circulatory system run smoother. Less clogging of the blood vessels by unhealthy foods means easier blood flow that is less likely to build-up and cause bulging blood vessels.

Exercise is also important for promoting heart health and loosening blood flow. Activities involving jumping, kicking or just anything gets the legs moving are the most helpful in this regard.

Surgery Treatments

When all else fails, people often find themselves considering professional treatment options for their pneumonic blood vessels. These treatments vary greatly in their cost, invasiveness and overall proven effectiveness.

Stripping is one of the oldest practices in treating pneumonic blood vessels and involves surgically removing the affected blood vessels. Ambulatory phlebectomy has historically been useful for patients who only have a cosmetic issue.

Other treatments like cryotherapy, sclerotherapy and laser treatment do not remove the vains via incision but rather destroy them internally.  These options are more advanced and have had the highest success rates.

Ultimately the treatment of varicose vains is about promoting the healthy flow of blood from the legs. While there are useful living alterations that people can make to help with the issue, ultimately the only major recourse is to seek treatment that removes or destroys the problem blood vessels.Visit for positive and effective results

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