Top 9 frequently asked questions about hair transplant procedures

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“ALAS!” is the word that comes out of your mouth when we see that we are getting bald. There are many ways to prevent hair loss but the results are not effective. The best result can only be through a hair transplant session. We have a lot of queries regarding hair fall or baldness.

Few of the questions that we generally keep asking ourselves when we want to take a decision on going ahead for a hair transplant are:

  1. What is the cost of hair transplant?

Well, hair transplant surgery cost varies from each country/city to a doctor or a clinic and importantly the area of implantation and the available donor area. The cost again varies depending on the method being used say its FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). The cost of hair transplant is high in the USA and also European countries and therefore people move to Thailand, India and Turkey looking for an comparatively very less price with equally good results.  India has become one of the best known destinations for the hair transplant procedures in the last 5-7 years. Hair transplant in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Chennai etc getting popular day by day.  Not only Bollywood stars get hair transplant in India even though they have good paying capacity, there are also international artists and sports persons who come to India for a hair transplant due to its cost effectiveness and good results.

  1. How to choose a clinic or a location?

Once we are clear on the budget we can afford, the next big question is to finalize the clinic depending on the location we are or where we can travel easily. Its important to make a right choice of the surgeon and check his results and rapport in the industry. Its important to check for the qualification of doctor. This will ensure you are in safe hands and are definitely going to get good results. Choice of location is also a factor when it comes to international patients or those who are living in remote locations like in the northern eastern parts of India.

  1. Will the surgery be painful?

It is important to ask this question to your consultant or doctor. It would be wrong to out rightly say this is a painless procedure. Since the procedure is done under local anaesthesia it is likely to have mild swelling in the following day(s) alongwith  some pain. The doctors do prescribe necessary pain killer tablets and for the swelling if it happens would subside by itself in a day or so. Most of the patients do not have the swelling as well. The healing procedure or the pain would again depend on FUT or FUE and the time duration also varies accordingly.

  1.  Are the scars noticeable?

In the FUT procedure there are some chances that the scars may be visible when you have a zero cut else the donor strip is removed in such a way that the linear scar will not be visible. In the case of FUE the grafts are picked randomly from the donor area and not in a bulk from any one side of the head and hence no scars and or marks of extraction are there to be seen post surgery.

  1. How soon will my hair grow back?

The transplanted hair is like natural hair and shreds after 15-20 days of transplant. Few hairs continue the growth process.  The initial signs of growth of hair are visible to a naked eye in about 3 months of time. The full results are generally viewed in about 8-10 months or a year. The results definitely vary from each person to person and should not be compared.

  1.  Is hair transplant successful?

It is obvious the success of hair transplant depends on an excellent team and surgeons, The hair follicles that are transplanted are the ones that are genetically resistant i.e., they are from the donor area. It is your responsibility now to take care of your scalp as per the instructions given for the post surgery care.

  1.  Is rest necessary after Surgery?

Like in all surgeries, it is recommended to take rest after hair transplant surgery for atleast a couple of days if its FUE procedure and atleast a week if it’s a FUT procedure. It is necessary so that the body can recover. It is also recommended to avoid going to gymn, running, sexual activities and do any other strenuous activity.

  1. What is shredding period after hair transplant surgery?

It is a natural process that the newly implanted hair would shred after around 4 to 6 weeks which is a normal activity. Permanent hairs start growing after this period so there is nothing to worry when the hair fall post your hair transplant surgery. The normal hair fall is around 50 to 100 strands a day and anything more should be worrisome.

  1. Is hair transplant to be repeated?

The need for repeated hair transplant really depends on an individual’s requirement. With good transplantation and drug therapy along with good care you can improved the stability of the hair that has been transplanted and as well prevent further hair loss.

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