Tips For Proper Foot And Nail Care

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Your feet will always get you through the day, and they get stressed a lot, which is why you need to take proper care of them. While this mostly applies to women, since they are the ones wearing open shoes and other similar footwear, even men can take good care of their feet and nails aesthetically. If you have any questions, you can call podiatrist Sydney like ModPod Podiatry.

  1. Make it smooth

You should make it a habit to use a foot file or a pumice stone on calluses or damp heels. With this, you will be able to keep your feet looking fresh, especially in open-shoes. You need to soak your feet first for about 10-15 minutes, and after the skin gets soft, you should remove the thickened layer with the proper tools. Moisturizing your feet after the scrub will also help a lot.

Cracked and dry skin can be quite irritating and sometimes painful

  1. Moisturizing

As it was just mentioned, this is another important step, and for some reason, many people avoid it. If you have cracked and dry heels, it is important to see a dermatologist or a podiatrist, so that they can prescribe you the right treatment. If they are not as bad as to cause you pain, then you should use proper moisturizing lotions.

  1. Fungus is nasty

Not only can fungus cause your feet to feel icky and painful, they can also cause them to look and smell bad. You should not just cover up your insecurities with nail polish. If you think that you might have fungus, then you should visit a podiatrist and see what they recommend. For example, you can contact podiatrist Sydney City like ModPod Podiatry, if you are in the area.

No matter the form of your fungus, you should use medications that have some of the following active ingredients: tolnaftate, miconazole, terbinafine, Clorox, or clotrimazole. Another great thing that can help with fungus is tea tree oil, which can sometimes be called as melaleuca oil, as that can help in mild cases of athlete’s foot.

–    You need to look for medicated spray or powder if your feet get sweaty easily. Powders tend to contain aluminum chloride and that can help keep your feet dry.

–    For those with dry feet, you can use something like an antifungal lotion.

  1. Proper hygiene

Another important thing is to wash your feet on a daily basis. When you take a shower, it is not enough to just soap up the upper parts of your body and let the soap wash away on your feet. You need to soap up your feet and between the toes, and after washing them, make sure to dry them off properly as well.

Get regular pedicures and prevent having to deal with an ingrown toenail

  1. Feet support

There are many great over-the-counter supports that you can buy today, but you still need to know which orthotics will fit you the best. This is why it is important that you visit your podiatrist if you want to prevent having any feet pain. If you already have regular feet pain, you should know that that is not normal and that you should visit your podiatrist.

Final word

Another thing that is important to mention is that you should not forget your toenails. You need to know how to clip them, and if you love pedicures, it is advisable that you get a pedicure on a regular basis. This can help prevent ingrown toenails and preventable visits to the podiatrist.

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