Three Stages of Hair Growth (and Loss)

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When it comes to personal care, as a man, you probably do not put much though into your hair. Sure you wash and condition, probably, and brush it and maybe style it a little—and, of course, get a trim every now and again—but that is likely the extent of it.  You might not concern yourself with much of the other fusses that can go along with healthy hair.

Some people, though, do pay great attention to their hair.  It is, after all, an organ—like the heart, like the skin, like the kidneys—and therefore has great health demands like all other organs. And your hair is much like your skin, too, in that it grows and sheds cells quickly and regularly.  Just like you clean your skin—and perhaps moisturize as needed—so should you care for your hair. When you Capilia care for your hair properly, it can effectively progress through the three stages of hair growth.


The first stage of hair growth is known as the Anagen phase. This phase can last anywhere from two years to six years, with the timeline determined mostly by your genetics.  During the Anagen phase of hair growth, the papilla divide and produce new hair fibers; each follicle then burying itself into the outer layer of the skin (dermis) in the same way that a seed first roots into the ground before growing outward into a plant. Approximately 85 percent of all hairs on your head are likely in this phase at any given time.

Your body will send out preset signals for anagen phase to end so the new hairs will commence the Catagen phase. This second phase of hair growth is when melanin production stops (thus the hair is now colored). The phase will last about two weeks, acting as a bit of a transitional, resting period where the follicle can renew itself before heading into the final phase.  During this phase, too, the hair is not really growing so much as it is continuing to push outward while the follicle continues to take root.


The final phase of hair growth, essentially, is simply the hair now preparing to be shed.  The period can last about four months.  As roughly 85 percent of the hairs on your head are in the Anagen phase, nearly all of the remaining hairs will be in this phase, preparing to break free from the follicle and shed.


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