Thinking of Becoming a Surrogate Mother? 5 Helpful tips

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For the more than 6 million women in the United States that struggle with infertility, becoming a surrogate mother can be a ray of hope. While a rewarding role, it’s crucial to highlight the importance of being prepared. As a surrogate, your body will go through immense physical changes. Preparing your body for this journey won’t just keep you healthy, but also the life you are carrying.

Adapt to a Healthier Lifestyle

In preparation for surrogacy, it’s important that you leave behind any habits that negatively influence your health. Unhealthy eating, smoking and alcohol consumption are great places to begin. You should also work to avoid high-stress producing situations, such as a toxic relationship, as increased stress can affect your health. Replace these habits with more positive steps like healthy eating and stress-reducing activities, like walking or low-impact exercise to minimize pregnancy risks.Image result for Thinking of Becoming a Surrogate Mother? 5 Helpful tips

Enhance Communication Skills

Take some time to boost your communication skills. For a smooth surrogacy, there needs to be a clear line of communication between you and the parents. Speak with the parents and determine what form of communication they would prefer, such as text or phone call, and how frequently you will communicate, such as monthly or whether they want daily updates and plan to attend all your appointments with you. The better understanding all parties involved have, the less stress.

Update Vitamin Intake

If you are currently taking a multivitamin, this is a great time to update your intake. Start by incorporating folic acid. In the early stages of pregnancy, folic acid can significantly help lower the risk for spine and brain defects within the fetus. Transitioning from a traditional multivitamin to a prenatal vitamin is best as it will ensure you have all the nutrients you need. Ideally, as soon as you decide to become a surrogate, you should start taking prenatal vitamins.

Anticipate Negative Feedback

Although you believe in your journey and the reward it will bring to another family, you still need to be prepared for negative feedback. The unfortunate reality is that not everyone will see this situation as desirable, or even something you should be doing. If you don’t prepare yourself for this type of reaction, you could end up questioning yourself. Make certain you are confident in your position and well-versed so that you can articulate your decision to others.

Head to the Dentist

It’s important to have a dental exam performed. Some people overlook their oral health as not being as important during pregnancy, but good oral health is critical. Poor oral health can lead to infection. Dental infections aren’t restricted to your mouth. When ignored, it can travel to other parts of the body, putting the fetus at risk. Schedule a visit with your dental provider as soon as becoming a surrogate mother is your plan.

The role of a surrogate is very important. Make sure you are prepared for the responsibility.

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