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There is a lot of debate regarding if high therapy can be considered as the best way to treat aging and can it help to provide you with the wellness of health?  You can always hear people around you talking about the therapy in the gym, office, and at the supplement stores.  The Human Growth Hormone is abbreviated as the HGH. The terminology therapy has a lot of meanings attached to it. In today’s world they are available as the over the counter supplement use. These supplements are used for the short term or the long term use. There is an increased number of craze for the use of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). The athletes and the aged people are much into it but in the due course of time it also hampers there well being and health. is the best place to seek information about this. Many athletes depend on this supplement to enhance their performance. Well these supplements not only give you the dram body by shedding your weight it also helps you to boost up your energy and improve your body stamina. However these supplements are mostly banned in most of the countries, owing to this it is evident to us that if you fail to acquire a doctor’s prescription you will no doubt be denied the buying of these supplements over the counter.


The various ways of knowing the growth hormones in your body (

The growth hormone is produced naturally in the human body. When they are produced or secreted in the body in low amounts or in high amounts it is only then that you need to take care of it. It is in these conditions that you need pills to help you cope up with the decreased level conditions or the escalated conditions. The supplements come handy them but to be specific you need to follow the authorized doctor’s advise before you take these medicines.

  • In every human beings these growth hormones are synthesized in the pituitary glands situated in the brain.
  • The pituitary gland is about the size of a pea and is situated deep inside the human brain.
  • It is commonly known that the US National Library has designated the human pituitary gland by the name of the master gland. It is named as the master gland as it helps in a lot of necessary and much important activities.
  • It takes up the part functions of the endocrine glands and s always engrossed in manufacturing and secreting hormones in the body.
  • The specific location of the pituitary gland is just above the hypothalamus
  • The hypothalamus is actually the center responsible for commanding the pituitary gland about the sending of signals and what hormones to produce and in what amount and what not to produce. The signals are sent through the neuro transmitters and through a certain combinations of hormones.

Exceptions of the growth hormone function

The growth hormone as the name suggest must only promote growth. Owing to the function it performs it is named the growth hormone. However the decreased level of the same hormone can cause dwarfism.

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