The impact of Modafinil on your brain

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A smart drug, Modafinil has gained popularity amongst students. It is prescribed by doctors and helps enhance the cognitive function in multiple ways. There are various smart drugs available in the market but Modafinil is preferred by many due to a variety of reasons. The most important is that it is not a stimulant. It acts as a stimulant but it is a eugeroic which is a wakefulness-promoting agent. It will not make you speedy but will keep you awake. Another reason why the drug is different from the rest is that it is not addictive. The drug will help you kick addictions but you will not get addicted to it. It has few or no side effects. The drug is safe and there are rarely any serious side effects noticed. It works really well and will give you a solution to your sleep condition. It will help you remain awake for long hours and allow you to work. This is why it is preferred by students since they can function for hours without feeling sleepy.

How does it affect your brain?

There is evidence that shows a good deal of effect of Modafinil on your brain.

  • It increases the resistance to fatigue and helps improve your mood.
  • It helps improve fatigue levels, reaction time, motivation and vigilance.
  • It is effective at reducing bad decisions.
  • It helps improve brain function in sleep-deprived doctors.
  • It will help you remain awake for long hours.

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How does it work?

Modafinil is a new drug and not much is known about the mechanism of action in the human body. Research shows that modafinil has the ability to slow down the proteins which remove dopamine from your synapses. This means that the natural dopamine in your body remains longer and has more effect on your body and brain. It is also known as a happy neurochemical but is used for multiple processes. It just does not improve your mood, but also raises your motivation level and allows you to think clearly. It will get rid of your sleepiness and enable you to work longer without feeling tired or fatigue. While reducing excessive sleepiness, it improves your mood, enhances your ability to perform and mobilizes the brain and body for action.

How safe is it?

One of the most important things to note about the drug is that it is no addictive. If you use it to stay up for a very long time, you might fall sick. However, it is important to consult a doctor before consumption of the drug. If you are pregnant, you should not consume it unless prescribed to you. Since doctors prescribe the drug, it is considered to be safe but it is ideal to speak to your doctor about your medical history and current health condition before you take the drug. In case of any side effects, which are usually rare, you need to contact the doctor immediately. Do not consume alcohol with the drug. If the side effect or irritation persists, get medical help immediately. There have been rare cases of side effects but you never know how your body will react to the drug. If you have diabetes or if you are already consuming medicines for other health issues, you need to inform about the same to the doctor.

How to consume Modafinil

For healthy adults, about 30-50 mg of Modafinil is more than enough. It will last up to 6 hours and it should be taken in the morning with or without food. You may purchase modafinil at Nixest. Even the army uses Modafinil to stay up for long hours. Entrepreneurs use it to build their empires and students use it to crack their exams. It is prescribed by the doctors and is easily available online and across medical stores in the country.

The dosage of Modafinil should be as recommended by the doctor. If you are willing to make any changes, you need to consult the doctor before doing the same. Keep in mind that the drug is non-addictive but should be consumed only according to the prescription. Many individuals have consumed the drug for years in the past and have had no serious side effects of the same. However, if you notice any side effect on your body, you need to seek medical help and discontinue the consumption of the drug unless advised against it by the doctor. It is high in demand for anxiety and depression and is widely consumed by individuals going through the condition.

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