The Easy Guide On How To Gain From Bali Into Lombok Island

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Indonesia is known for its beautiful scenery and amazing beaches, and perhaps best known for one of its destinations, that is the magnificent island of Bali. With its incredible coral reefs and diving opportunities, gorgeous beaches and forested volcanic mountains, Bali is Indonesia’s best tourist place. While active, it is also well-known for being a peaceful area of meditation, retreat and biking. Its diving and beaches are also renowned plus it’s made its name as a very popular place to browse. On dry land, the island offers breathtaking volcanic scenery along with a great mix of sightseeing and culture. No trip to Indonesia would be complete without exploring both the Bali and Lombok, and obtaining between these two islands is easy. Basically, you have two main choices for your journeys from Bali to Lombok. You could choose to have a quick 25 minutes flight or you could choose to enjoy a boat ride above.

The Way to Escape from Bali to Lombok Island

  • Fly to Lombok

The quickest and simplest way to get from Bali to Lombok (and vice versa from Lombok to Bali) is through a quick flight! Flight days from Denpasar (Bali Airport) to Lombok Airport are only around 25 minutes and tickets are pretty cheap. There are two main choices of flights which we would recommend you look into if you’d like to fly into Lombok.

  • Bali to Lombok Ferry or Fast Boat

Another option you have of visiting Lombok would be to take the choice of a boat from Bali to Lombok. The boats depart from Padang Bai Harbour in Bali and arrive at Lembar Harbour in Lombok. Travelling by boat to Lombok in poor weather conditions may not be such a fantastic idea, so the best option is to book through They supply replacement transfers and flights in case of when boats are cancelled due to rough seas.

  • Bali to Lombok Fast Boat Option

There are multiple speedy boat organizations to pick from nowadays. The key is attempting to get the one which you want to utilize, that is also safe and guarantees you a chair (as a few companies overload their ships ).

Those below are the most Well-known options and have the best standing:

Gili Getaway departs from Benoa Harbour every day at 8:8: 00’m. Travel time together is around 2 hours plus also their deliveries incorporate no cost air transportation transport from the hotel or villa (small surcharge for both Ubud and remote areas). Prices are US $50 per adult and US $41 each kid.

BlueWater Express departs from Serangan (close Benoa Harbour) at 8:00 am and 10:00 am, and out of Padang Bai Harbour at 11:15 am every day. Fares include air-conditioned resort transfers in Bali.

  • Getting to Lombok by Public Ferry Option

The General Public ferry to Lombok (Lembar Harbour) departs from Padang Bai Harbour at Bali. There’s ticketing gate where you can buy your ticket. Ferries depart every hour or so so although they’re typically running on their own schedule and almost always postponed. Naturally, tickets for the ferry are extremely affordable.

Do remember that if ultimately your destination is Gili Islands and you also don’t intend on spending time on Lombok, the better option might be to take a fast boat from Bali to the Gili Islands themselves. Nevertheless, in our view, we are not sure how it is possible to miss from the raw beauty that Lombok nonetheless holds!

Ready to start your getaway to Lombok? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!

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