The deteriorating life of youngsters, due to addictive habits

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The people, especially the young generation are considered as the future of any country. As they will in future decide the economic growth and development of the country. But do they themselves know about the harm they are causing to their own body as well as to that of others? Yes, they are aware of it. But smoking and drinking are considered as an icon of being cool rather than a content that is injurious to health, especially among this age group. And more and more people are falling prey to the habits without thinking about after effects.

What are these habits?

  • Smoking cigarettes because cancer, everyone is aware of that but still the one who has gotten into it cannot leave that habit easily.

  • Consumption of alcohol and beer, leads to a mild hallucination which relaxes your body and mind to a little extent. But causes problems and difficulties in the normal functioning of the body if consumed in large quantity. It creates a mismatch between the mind and body.

But the impact of these habits can be adverse on the life of the person who is into these things and also the person who is closed to them. Their life is driven by the stimulus which makes them urge for the cigarette or alcohol as the case be, and can sometimes also make the behaviour of the person aggressive. And you don’t want to ruin the relationship because of such reasons, so just allow them to consume what they want without creating an argument.

The reason behind is, whenever a need of the body is fulfilled like hunger, or craving for a specific thing a certain satisfaction is experienced in the body. It is the same case when the body urges for the intake of such substances. And when the urge is met, a type of neurochemicals is released in the body which is responsible for a sense of pleasure. And it motivates the individual to go for it again, and eventually it develops into a habit rather a source of leisure.

The intervention process is one which uses the emotional attachment of the addictive person to his family, friends, or any near and dear ones so that a sense of responsibility is inculcated in the mind of that addicted person.

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