The Best Diet After Weight Loss Surgery

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Weight loss surgery significantly affects the way one lives and eats. The change in lifestyle could be a bit difficult to adjust as first. Weight loss surgery diet is not a single shot fix to losing weight. Bariatric surgeries help to lose weight but to improve the quality of life and sustain the loss of weight, a balanced and pre-planned diet must be implemented.  It is a commitment that one has to make everyday in order to stay leaner.

After gastric bypass surgery, the stomach is a size of an egg whereas after a sleeve gastrectomy it resembles a banana. Post-operation food will be slowly added to your diet after six months, and you can have a clear liquid diet for the first week. This includes water, broth, decaf coffee and tea and sugar-free jello. For the first few days after the surgery, the main objective is to stay hydrated and heal.

What to eat after weight loss surgery?

Solid foods will begin one week after the operation, and after that, soft proteins, cooked veggies and fruits can be added to the diet. Food must be adequately chewed and pureed before being swallowed. This is because unchewed food can cause discomfort and pain to the delicate stomach. Eating must be stopped once the person receives a sensation of being full. Snacks can be eaten throughout the day in small amounts and small bites. The recommended list of snacks will be provided to you by your dietician. Post-op, it is crucial to stay hydrated at all times. A minimum of 80oz of water must be drank daily. Water must be stopped ten minutes before eating and must be restarted only thirty minutes after eating. Otherwise, this will cause discomfort and make the sleeve inefficient.

The following must not be done in a diet after weight loss surgery:

  • Don’t eat food with a high sugar content
  • Don’t drink carbonated drinks
  • Don’t drink coffee and other caffeine sources
  • Don’t drink alcohol or other intoxicants
  • Don’t drink any calorie-containing drink

When the amount of food in your body is low, it is crucial to maintain energy levels, for this eating healthy is vital. The patient must intake the right nutrition without affecting the diet in the wrong way. Regular check-ups must be maintained with services from weight loss surgery in Tijuana. Getting an appointment in weight loss surgery in Tijuana is accessible and helpful for obese patients just post-op to control their diet.

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