The advance technology of LED light

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The non-invasive LED light therapy is presently the most in-demand treatment that is being sought by the patients because the outcome is healthy. Unlike radio frequency, ultrasound, and laser light, LED-based therapies such as Counter Light do not result in any kind of cellular damage. LED light, on the contrary, promote natural response within the cells depending on the kind of cell and the light energy used. Infrared, as well as mid-600nm wavelengths, can be used in various therapies that can promote a healing response.

The Contour Light gives infrared light through German-made, high-powered, and surface mount LEDs, which are embedded into a flexible and soft pad. The pads can be applied to any part of the body easily.  Due to the Contour Light’s reflective coating, the light is reflected back that results in higher light energy compared to the similar devices. A reflective coating is not there in any other system. A Contour Light is pain-free, without discomfort or heat and it can be operated safely on the patient. For more information on contour light technology, visit

Non-invasive light therapy

Contour light is the newest development in the LED or light emitting diode technology. It is highly effective on all parts of the body because it has a unique pad design. The soft, large, and flexible pads can contour the shape of a human body by allowing light to be very close to the skin. It is an optimum manner for delivering photonic energy. The contour light uses a reflective surface that redirects and traps the light energy to the tissue. The reflective coating is available on Contour Light only and there is not any other LED-based system that can deliver and retain infrared light energy like it. The working mechanism of Contour Light is explained in depth in

Benefits of Contour Light

The body is either in a fat storage mode or in a fat burning mode. Contour Light accelerates the fat burning power in humans.

  • It speeds up fat burning and accelerates metabolism.
  • A single treatment is equivalent to fat burning of 730-minute cardio workout.
  • Delivers 100 times more light energy than the other LED systems
  • Provides the most complete and deepest exposure to light energy.
  • The process is completely safe and has no side effects.
  • It is painless, non-invasive and without any swelling, bruising, or burning
  • It does not require downtime and so you can resume your normal activities instantly.
  • You can notice the results the very same day.  

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