Saying Goodbye to Alcohol

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Some things must come to an end, like the things that it is not suitable for you. An example of this is drinking alcohol. First, you tend to drink only for one shot, but as the times goby, you almost finished two or more bottles of it. And over-drinking alcohol you’ve become addicted to it, and it has a harmful effect on your health. Also, with you want to stop now and say goodbye in drinking alcohol.

Well, there are various ways to do it; some try to avoid drinking, buying, and some joined programs or groups that will help them surpass their addiction to it. There is one patient that wrote a letter, it is not a love letter, but a goodbye letter addresses to any kinds of Alcohol.

The letter contains the final farewell of the patient to alcohol. The person tried to stop the temptation of the alcohol to him,and he failed. But things have changed after three months of not entertaining the call of the alcohol. He found the answer by entering an alcohol rehab where he met people who also suffer the same as him.

By having people who understand him, these people were able to help him to overcome the alcoholism. He stated in the letter that, for over 30 years of being despair and try to forget the pain he feels by the help of the alcohol, now he learned and he will never come back again in his old doings.

By joining in the Alcohol Rehab, the patient learned his lessons where he also added in the letter that the alcohol is only good at first, but when you continue consuming, there will be a harmful effect on him.  At first, he taught it is good, but alcohol deceived hi like he was being cheated on by alcohol. It became more compelling to him when he was at his wasted time, and now, he is more powerful and never let alcohol come to his life again.

Before the letter ends, the patient stated that he would do everything to expose how fraud alcohol is to him. Together with his newfound family in the alcohol rehab will join forces to send the message to everyone on how harmful alcohol is to anyone who will try and already drinking it.

Drinking alcohol is not a bad thing if you observe moderation; however, if not, it is another problem. Undergoing alcohol rehab is not a bad thing, especially if you want to end it already. The letter of the patient tells us how his life changed in joining the alcohol rehab and how he discovered himself and how bad the alcohol in once life.

Various groups are helping people fight and recover from addiction in their bad habits. By encouraging them to join in the recovery program they have, such as alcohol rehab. It will be a long process that you will spend time and effort. But once you overcome it and you have completed the steps; it will be a rewarding of living a new life. And have the right life you should have when you don’t expose your yourself in this type of addiction.

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