Routine for your skin care

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Everyone is obsessed with their skin. Want to have a healthy and young skin. Nowadays people’s age is considered by looking at their tone of their skin.

Even people are ready to spend hefty of money for their skin care. Here are tips to make your skin care routine given by skin specialist in thane:


Call it a day by using your makeup remover on a cotton pad at night. But that means you’ll most prone to ending up with black stains of mascara on your pillow cover the next morning. To truly remove all makeup, call for an oil cleanser. Massage it over your face and neck to clean up makeup and then add a splash of lukewarm water to cleanse your face from all makeup. Massage again and then wash for better face cleansing.


You need not always have to exfoliate your skin especially if your skin is sensitive skin. It is necessary to exfoliating at least twice a week for a cleaner, polished skin. Patching off dead skin cells makes it possible for the rest of your skin care products to be effective with your pores to mingle and do their magic.


Consider your skin is like a sponge, it’s trickier to rehydrate it when your skin is dried up and hardened than when it’s already a bit soggy. Toners are the product that moisturizes your skin and balances its pH levels. Pour into your hands and apply it directly onto your skin or try dispensing it onto a cotton pad and gently swipe around your face working outwards.


The skin around your eyes is very delicate skin as it is made up of thin layers. Which means you should take care of it like the fragile flower that it is. An eye cream provides with an extra touch of hydration and protection. Use your ring finger to very gently massage eye cream around the entire orbital bone, avoiding the water line. Don’t rub hard.

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