Role of LPNs in the work place

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LPN is a Licensed Practical Nurse. They are the medical practitioners who incorporates patient’s medication plans along with the supervision of professional doctors and RNs. LPNs get Practical Nurse training during LPN programs. These programs are undertaken at colleges, technical schools and some universities. During the Practical Nurse Training the students acquire knowledge, expertise, attitude and skills to be able to provide proper nursing care to the patients under supervision of doctors.

LPNs at the work place

The LPNs play an important role in the medical field and their work place, it can be nursing homes, hospitals, rehab centers, healthcare centers and many more. They are directly connected with the patients and playa role of mediators between RNs and CNAs. We can also say that an LPN undertakes patient’s care in different settings within the clinical specializations.

The main role of LPN is to provide basic care to the patients. Normally LPN at the work place has to perform number of duties which includes, treatment administration, sample and data collection, maintaining the records of patient’s condition on regular basis, to check the vitals of the patient. Monitoring the medication and recovery, assisting in the personal hygiene of the patients, interacting and updating information to the patient’s relatives, dressing wounds, perform CPR in case of emergency, informing doctors if there is an emergency situation etc.

Career outlook for LPNs

The employment opportunities as a LPN are increasing day by day .In the coming years its going to increase more further as there is a significant growth in elderly population which needs more personal care from trained experts. The number of nursing homes and hospital are also increased which has raised the demand for LPNs. The experts expect that till 2020 there will be a phenomenon growth in the area of nursing.The U.S. Bureau of labor statistics publishes the handbook by the name of Occupational Outlook which provides the job outlook for LPNs for hundreds of careers.

Nursing is one of the most satisfying profession in which there is no direct appreciation or fame but it brings positive impact on someone’s life.

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