The Role of Antioxidants in Improving Male Infertility

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A thorough personal and medical evaluation done by the Physicians reveals the reasons of infertility in the males. The doctor can ask certain questions related to the evaluation to find out the causes of infertility and layout of the treatment strategy. The physician prescribes for the diagnostic tests pertaining to the reproductive organs and physical exams of the male and the female concerned. On the very initial visit the patient will have to undergo the hormonal tests, testing of the fallopian tubes, the hysterosalpingogram test better known as HSG and the semen analysis for male patients. The team of doctors monitors the testing reports and finds out a pattern of treatment that is appropriate for the male and the female patient.

It is important to understand the role of Antioxidants in Improving Male Infertility before                                  the treatment begins.  In most of the cases ineffective sperm functions have been categorized as infertility. It is important to review the findings from the latest studies about the effect of natural antioxidants in improving male fertility. The tests reveal that high amount of poly unsaturated fatty acids are found in the mammalian spermatozoa membranes. This makes the membranes susceptible to lipid peroxidation. Here, the free radicals and the reactive oxygen species play a major role in reproduction. They are strongly related to oxidative stress. Factors pertaining to obesity, inflammation, cigarette smoking and pollutants are negatively correlated with spermatogenesis. Natural endogenous antioxidants system exists to mediate these damages.

Evaluation of such oxidative stress is the first step towards the treatment of male infertility through administration of appropriate antioxidants prominently, antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C along with carotenoids and carnitine have been found positive in balancing between reactive oxygen species generation and the scavenging activities. It is important to specify here that herbal products also help in fertility bloom.   

Tocopherol that is Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin that acts as a main defence of cell phospholipids membrane and mitochondrial sheath against oxidative stress. Vitamin E collects ROO and RO radicals and connects Hydrogen to the radicals converting them into harmless metabolites. This function of Vitamin E is called clearing of free radicals, maintenance of steady Ro and ROO balance which depends upon regenerative   agents such as Vitamin C and here Vitamin E continues its activity against free radicals. Significantly, Vitamin E   decreases the concentration of Malondialdehyde increased during the process of lipid peroxidation in seminal plasma and sperm and improves sperm mobility.                       

In some cases doctors recommend the couples to undertake assisted reproductive technologies like the IVF Fertility Treatment Arizona. Through the process of IVF childless couples can conceive pregnancy even if the sperm count of the male is low. In the IVF process, the egg is fused with the sperm in the laboratory by the embryologist. In this process, the embryologist injects a normal looking sperm into egg for normal fertilization. IVF physicians determine the viability of the IVF treatment.

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