RO, UF or UV: Which Water Purifier Should You Choose?

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 Most people these days are installing water filters in their house for extra advantage. Due to the growing pollution, drinking water is being purified for protection against various diseases. As a result, purified water is being taken into consideration. 

One major problem about people has been the different types of water purifiers. Since there are three types of water Purifiers such as RO, UF, and UV. This will eventually be helpful in the long run for enhancing the entire system. As a result, you should make sure to do thorough research and ensure which one is the best for your area. 


RO refers to reverse osmosis. It is one of the best types of water Purifiers and consists of several features. Some of these include the following

  • RO water purifier can hold a sufficient amount of water
  • RO runs on electricity for operating properly
  • RO removes all the dissolved salt in water thereby helping to enhance the process

One major advantage of water purifier is that it is beneficial for removing and killing all the contaminants of water. Thus, the removal of germs will prevent a negative impact on health. The filtered water will further help prevent different types of water diseases. 


UF water purifier refers to Ultra-Filtration required to filter water and consists of several features. Some of these include the following

  • UF does not remove the dissolved salt
  • It removes and kills all contaminants that may be harmful to overall health. 
  • UF water particle does not remove any particle from water. 


UV water filters are referred to ultraviolet. This is one of the most prominent types of water filters and consists of several features such as following

  • The UV water filters also function with the help of electricity
  • The UV water filter is further helpful for removing dissolved salt particle
  • UV water filters help to kill dangerous viruses, germs, bacteria and particles. 

What should you choose? 

All UF, UV and RO water purifiers are required for the proper functioning of water. However, based on your requirement you should choose the water filter accordingly. You can consider machine de filtration d’eau JustPure for your better convenience since you will easily determine which system to choose at an affordable rate. 

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