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We often hear people saying that “Health is Wealth”. Well, very true to its meaning, having good health is a treasure. How can youwork and do the things you want to do if you’re feeling sick and lazy? Speaking of which, there is a new health craze that is gaining interest from many people now: that is IV Hydration Therapy. If you want to know more about this, then click this link:

IV Hydration therapy is famous among Hollywood celebrities, athletes, overworked people, to those who are sick and busy, and most especially, to health-conscious people.

However, what is IV Hydration Therapy? Why do people go crazy about it? What does it exactly do to our body? Are there any risks in doing it? Don’t worry! All these questions will be answered, continue reading.

What is IV Hydration Therapy

For those who are out of the trend with the latest medical news, IV Hydration Therapy may interest you. But before going through any medical procedure, it’s important to have proper knowledge about it.

IV Hydration therapy is a medical procedure wherein water, vitamins, and minerals are pumped directly inside the body through the bloodstream or veins using an IV. IV or intravenous is commonly known as a drip.

Who should get an IV therapy?

This procedure is best for people who are experiencing mineral and vitamin deficiency. People who lack in vitamins and minerals may experience problems with detoxification, immunity, and hormone production.

Also, this procedure is being used by people who want a quick and instant cure for their hangover; people who suffer from a chronic migraine and fatigue as well. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one must have a health condition to undergo this procedure.

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Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

An orally taken vitamin or supplement has an absorption rate of about 50 – 60 percent. One that has digestion problems may not be able to absorb all of it. With IV drips, it can provide you with a much higher dose than those with vitamins and supplements.Moreover, you can even customize the treatmentdepending on the amount that your body needs.

Below is a list of some of the benefits of IV Hydration Therapy:

  • Boosts your immunity
  • Helps you gain nutritional value
  • Increases your energy level and athleticism
  • Gives you a beautiful and younger looking skin
  • Makes you feel relax
  • You can have a good sleep

Risk of IV Drips                                               

IV Hydration therapy may sound healthy with the bunch of benefits that comes with it. However, just like any medical procedure, there are some risk that may occur while undergoing it. Because it’s done using IV, it may come with the following risk:

  • Infection
  • Bruise and Pain
  • Blood Clot and Inflammation of the vein.

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