How to Quit Your Soda Habit

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Soda can be addicting for a variety of reasons. It has both sugar and caffeine, which can be addicting. It also often tastes great. Mix those reasons together and an alternative like water can just seem bland, dull, and boring. With that said, it’s possible to quit your soda habit and still enjoy what you drink. Here’s a few tips.

The first tip is to switch to tea. Tea generally has as much or more caffeine than a can of soda and is naturally sugar-free. To put that into perspective, a can of soda often has forty grams of sugar. This makes it taste sweeter but also makes it much less healthy. Understandably, the counter-argument is that tea doesn’t taste great. However, you can make tea taste better and still be healthy. You can do this by flavoring your tea with flavors like orange or lemon or by adding a small amount of sweetener. Five grams of a sweetener does way less harm to you than forty grams.

Another tip is to make your water taste better. Similar to tea, there’s a middle ground between ultra-sweet plus bad for your health and bland plus tasteless. Rather than simply drinking water, you can add in a water enhancer like True Lime or True Lemon. Or you can mix in a little bit of fruit juice. Like adding sweetener to tea, mixing a small amount of fruit juice to water is much healthier that drinking a full glass of sugary juice or soda.

Finally, one other tip if you’re craving carbonation is to try seltzer water or sparkling water. Seltzer water is naturally sugar-free with no calories. It won’t taste as sweet as soda or juice but it’s a nice middle ground between tasteless water. Some of our favorite flavors include Polar’s Raspberry Lime or Pomegranate Cherry but there are nearly an infinite amount of different flavors you can try.

In closing, soda can be tough to quit as it tastes great and has addictive properties. This is even tougher if you try to stop cold turkey. Rather than doing that, try the tips above and you can kick your soda habit once and for good.

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