The Pros and Cons of Jiaogulan Tea

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Many people across the world have come to the knowledge of the many health benefits of the Jiaogulan tea and decided to incorporate it in their diets to enjoy these benefits.Tea has remained the most used product of the Jiaogulan herb compared to the capsules and the pills.The Jiaogulan tea also gets absorbed into the body quickly allowing the useful benefits to be experienced within a short period.It is easy to prepare and ingest with most people loving the fact that it has no additives.

How to Make the Jiaogulan Tea

Most experts have recommended using this herb like one would use the standard green tea.  Preparing this kind of tea involves a simple process no different than making the ordinary tea.But depending on various ways that we all make our tea, it is important to give a complete description on how to accurately prepare this tea as follows:

  • Place a Jiaogulan tea bag in a cup and pour hot water over it
  • Steep for about five or more minutes
  • Enjoy your cup of healthy tea

Experts’ advice that the more bubbles you see in your cup, the stronger the tea’s healing qualities, so always watch out for the bubbles.  

Pros of Using the Jiaogulan Tea

  • It is a better energy drink more than the commercially produced ones – the Jiaogulan tea directly generates power in a way that is full and balanced in mind and body working fundamentally through all the organs, systems and cells.
  • It can be used alongside another type of teas without any side effects -.
  • It is allowed to be utilized in a daily regimen
  • The biphasic effect on the brain functioning calms down and energizes the body system increasing alertness and vigor.
  • Jiaogulan is the little-known herb that may be the secret to longevity Cons of using the Jiaogulan Tea

The Jiaogulan tea is not known to have many side effects.The only two that have been noted over the years are:

  • Excessive intake may cause nausea and stomach upsets – be responsible with the amount you take daily without overusing it.
  • Increased bowel movement has been noted in many users.

Who Should Stay Away From This Tea?

Though this tea is highly healthy, not everyone should enjoy it.There are a few groups of people who should keep away, they include:

  • It is not certified as safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers – both medical and scientific evidence has not clarified the use of this tea to these two groups.
  • Anyone who is planning to undergo any form of surgery should stop using the tea at least two weeks before the procedure to avoid any risk of excessive bleeding.
  • Any patient using drugs like Zenapak, Azathioprine, Prograf, Cyclosporine, Cellcept, and Rapamune – these medicines if used together with the tea can cause inconsistent behavior that can be hazardous to your health.
  • Anyone suffering from the bleeding disorder should keep away from this tea.


The best way to enjoy this cup of tea without facing problems with your health is to ask your health care provider ere you start taking it.You cannot keep away from it or indulge without getting the full information, seek out for all the knowledge you need to learn how it works with your body.

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