Pre-Employment Test? Synthetic Urine Kits Keep You Calm, So Carry On!

Nervous about a pre-employment test day? No one likes tests, and a urine test is intrusive to boot. If you’re nervous about getting a job, a pre-employment drug test just adds to the stress. You can’t afford for things to go wrong. So, is a synthetic urine kit the smart way to go?

Don’t overthink the matter. Simply prepare.

Clear Test has helped tens of thousands of people pass the urine test. We do the vetting, so your synthetic urine kit will be a trusted brand, and up-to-date to help you beat any drug test currently in use.

Warm-Up Run

The synthetic urine kit has everything you need to pass the test. Your role is keeping the liquid at the right temperature.

The day before your test, try heating the bottle in your microwave. Then use the temperature strip to see how long it takes to cool off.

Dress Rehearsal

Layered underwear helps keep the bottle in place and avoid conspicuous bulges. Be sure you’re comfortable walking and sitting with the heated bottle in place.

You can be confident that your body heat, supported by the discrete heating pack on the test day, will easily keep the substitution at warm after you heat it.

Keep It Simple

On your test day, don’t think too much. Open the heating pack. Shake and allow it time to warm up. Heat the bottle as directed, then attach the heat pack so it warms the bottle, not your body.

Stay confident. Your body heat will do most of the work here. (And in the case that the heating pack overheats the liquid on your test day, no worries. A couple of seconds in the toilet bowl water is the simple cool-down method.)

Now, remember your ID and any registration information from your future employer, and you’re good to go.

At the Site

Expect the testing representative at the lab site to ask you to empty your pockets and put bags or briefcases in a holding area.

You’ll receive a cup with a line on it to fill. Do the task and nothing else. Do not flush the toilet or wash your hands.

Hold the bottle carefully to prevent any excess noises and fill the cup to the line as directed. Simply pour extra liquid into the toilet.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Put the synthetic urine kit back under your clothing, and hand your cup in. The representative will check that the temperature is in the acceptable range. Sign your sample off as directed. Your work is done.

Questions? Talk with us at 1-800-248-5655, or email

Best wishes for success at that new job!

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