Outdoor Exercise is More Useful For your Overall Health

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Physical fitness is necessary to keep you healthy. Regular exercise is needed to prevent heart disease and chronic diseases. But that is not all, regular exercise also helps to reduce stress, improves mood as well as sleep and many more. Looking at all these benefits, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends at least moderate exercise for 150 minutes per week.

Looking at 150 minutes a week, you might have thought about how to spend so much time in the gym. Everyone has a busy schedule and taking 150 out for gym requires at least 250 to 300 minutes of extra time calculating traveling and other preparations time needed to go to a gym. If that is in your mind, you don’t have to worry, 150 minutes doesn’t mean that you have to go to a gym. Instead, you can work out on outdoor fitnessgeräte which can save a lot of your time with a lot more fun.

Working Outdoors Boosts Your Body and Mind

Taking advantage of outside fitness would be like doing structure exercises on the natural terrain. You can do many outdoor activities including workouts to keep you fit. If you don’t even want to do workouts, you can still do light gardening which is considered as moderate physical activity and burns around 330 calories in an hour for a person of 154 pounds as per United States Department of Agriculture.

There are numerous benefits to exercise outside.

  • The workout is harder: When you are running or hiking a mountain outside, your body is going through constant challenges and adjusting to those changes, like bumps, inclines, or any obstacles. You are also working with your pace, slowing it down or making it faster whenever required. This is what helps your body harder compared to if you are running on a treadmill or stair machines.
  • No need for membership Fees: The most discouraging is the amount of fees gym charges these days. A lot of people can’t visit a gym only because they can’t pay so much. Some people manage for a couple of months but then faces the same problem of paying the amount as it is big. Outside doesn’t require any membership fee and there are many parks these days with equipment which you can use for muscle building. For cardiac exercises instead of the treadmill, you can run or bike. Therefore, everything is there outside if you can use them the right
  • Air is Cleaner: According to studies carried out in gyms, even in metropolitan cities, the air is polluted compared to the air of outdoor parks. Only to get fresh air many people living in large cities to visit
  • Free vitamin D: When you are exercising outdoors, you are getting free sunlight which gives you constant supply of vitamin D for free. Vitamin D is useful for bone strength and muscle and tendon strengths, and it is very useful for people who are obese or overweight.
  • Your mind gets Exercise too: When you are working out outside, your mind is constantly working. It will be more active while you are running on terrain on the bumps and ups and downs, even when you are biking, your mind will be on alert. Your mind will be working on the changing atmosphere around you. Your mind also will be working on the surrounding scenarios and people. According to studies, when your mind exercises, it tends to be positive. Your mental benefit is much more working outdoors compared to exercising indoors.


How Do you Start?

Start exercising with a goal in mind but remember that the goal should be an achievable goal, not fantasy. Whenever you reach your goals, you are going to get happy, and your motivation level will increase. Also, start with soft exercises and slowly move towards harder exercises. There is no meaning for working hard one day, and then you keep laying down on your bed for a week with body aches or become exercise phobic. Start slow and move harder slowly will make your body adjusted to the changes. Also, if you can start exercising early in the morning, that is the time you have more energy in your body and the time to boost your energy up for the rest of the day. You are going to feel great throughout the day, and your mood is going to be okay.

Drink enough water so that you don’t get dehydrated. Take around eight to nine ounces of water before 30 minutes of outdoor exercising. Taking enough water will protect you from getting dehydrated through sweating even if it is cold weather.

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