Online Treatment For Depression Vs. Traditional Treatment

In the world full of constant pressure, a majority of individuals face mental issues like depression and anxiety. There are multiple ways to tackle these situations with treatments and therapies. A conventional approach to treatment of depression and anxiety is the face to face counselling, while a novel approach to the same is the online treatment of the same. You must be aware of the conventional face to face type of depression therapy but very few are aware of online treatment for depression. The next section of the blog will talk about the differences between the traditional and the online treatment for depression in a bit detail.

Difference between online treatment and the face to face counselling


The basic difference between the traditional methods of depression treatment and the online depression help is that it takes place on your systems virtually. You can get your online counselling either through a computer network, or a mobile phone. It can either be a chat session, telephonic session or a video call session with the certified counsellor. For availing online treatment for depression, a person needs not to be physically present in front of the counsellor while the conventional methods of depression treatment, function through the means of face to face interviews.

Benefits of Online Therapy


21st century is the era of online everything! Therefore, online treatment for depression is considered to be more beneficial as compared to the face to face type of treatment. Mentioned below are some of the major benefits of online therapy for depression: –

  • Economical

Face to face therapies for depression often cost a huge sum of money to the clients, while online therapy is much economical and affordable for almost every person. The basic reason why online therapies are cheaper is that they are charged in lump sum. They cost you less when considered from a weekly or monthly basis.

  • More effective

Online treatment for depression is more effective as it provides the patient with the therapist almost 24X7. Whereas for a face to face therapy, the patient needs to wait until the next therapy is scheduled. Therefore, patient are more satisfied with online therapy as they get some professional to speak with during all their hard times.

  • Convenience

During the times of depression, people often don’t feel like stepping out of the bed, let alone a therapy appointment. Online treatment is more convenient when it comes to therapies as the patient needs not to visit the doctor.

  • Beneficial in cases of social anxiety


Online treatment for depression is more beneficial to people that face much of social anxiety as they do not actually meet anyone in person and yet get the therapy from their home. Therefore, a lot of introverts choose to go along with the online treatment for depression.

Therapy for depression is very essential as it ensures mental wellbeing of individuals. Depending upon the choice and the requirements people opt for either online or for face to face type of treatment for depression. Some of the major benefits of online treatment and differences between online and offline treatments are mentioned in the blog.

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