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Heart rate is the rhythmic contraction and unwinding of the heart muscle. Heart rate is expressed as number of heartbeats in a minute.

Heart muscle is a strong pump that pushes blood all through your body and applies circulatory strain on your veins. Right half of the heart draws blood to the lungs and left side pumps blood for different parts of the body. Heart is made of particular muscle filaments and it works steadily without exhaustion. Heart muscle can’t be controlled by brain.

Heart Rate Zones Calculator

Heart rate zones calculator is a digital tool that will calculate your heart rate and will categorize them into different prescribed zones. You have to enter your sex and age in the box given and it will calculate your heart rate zones. Heart rate zones calculatorhelps in determining which heart rate zone is the appropriate zone for your training.

This calculation is an estimate based on your age and is as a result not 100% correct. So for further detailed measurement you should definitely refer to a professional.

Categorized heart rate zones

  • Light intensity, 50-60% of MHR:

This is the most minimal intensity in which you can without much of a stretch perform training and still enhance physical condition. With this intensity your body utilizes muscle to fat ratio as a source of vitality for your muscles. This zone is useful for beginners or for the individuals who begin exercising after a long time. This heart rate zone is perfect for individuals who need to shed weight.

  • Moderate intensity, 60-70% of MHR

This range is the most suitable for health improvement plans and to keep up muscle tone as more than 66% of vitality originates from fat. Exercising in this zone enhances the elements of cardiovascular system and it reinforces the heart. This zone is additionally appropriate for rejuvenating run. Exercise in this zone 3 – 5 times each week.

  • Intense, 70-80% of MHR

If you will probably have a healthy heart and if you need your body to resemble an athlete’s, at that point this zone is appropriate for you. Exercising in this zone enhances blood flow and breathing capacity and is additionally useful for fat burning, reinforcing of muscles and to enhance confidence. Expect a general increment in physical capacities if exercising in this zone. Exercise in this zone 3 – 4 times each week max.

  • Very intense, 80-90% of MHR

This is exceptionally extreme exercise which is suitable for people who are healthy and have a solid heart. People exercising in this zone create continuance and speed. Exercising at this intensity is prompted if you are setting yourself up for a race. Exercise in this zone max 2 – 3 times each week.

  • All out intensity, 90-100% of MHR

This intensity level might be risky. It is reasonable for exceptionally very much trained athletes. Exercising in this zone will enable you to create quality and push your limits higher. Exercising in this zone may prompt wounds.

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