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HGH Pro is a brand of one of the HGH supplement injections that are given by physicians to address deficiencies in children and adults as a part of treatment. They are not to be used by anyone on their own and without prescription and thorough study of risks related with them is necessary even if the doctor has suggested this as a part of diagnosis.  It is given only when prescribed. The common scientific terminology for this is somatropin.Image result for Most effective form of HGH supplement- HGH Pro

Usage in children

HGHpro from AI Sports Nutrition is used in children to treat the following disorders;

  1. Turner’s syndrome, it is caused in females born with only one X chromosome. Its treatment requires hormone therapy.
  2. For the treatment of SHOX syndrome, which is caused when short stature home box gene which is cause for the short stature in humans is altered
  3. It is also used to cure the ISS deficiency; it refers to Idiopathic Short stature which is the cause for extreme short stature in humans.

Most of the children are born with such deficiencies and required treatment in early childhood itself.

Causes for growth hormone deficiencies in adults are as follows

  1. Pituitary gland disease or any damage caused to it during adulthood
  2. Hypothalamus disease or any damage caused to it (pituitary gland is located below the hypothalamus)
  3. Radiation therapy of brain or the hypothalamus and pituitary gland region.
  4. Or any brain surgery that was performed on a person which might have affected the pituitary region.

Duration of usage

Even if this is being used for diagnosis, it can’t be used for long. The dosage of HGH Pro varies from person to person, first of all a blood test is performed to know the levels of growth hormone in the body and then depending upon the age and the amount of deficiency the required dosages are determined by the physician.

The dosage given in a week for children suffering from deficiency – 0.18 to 0.30 mg

For the treatment of Turner syndrome up to 0.375 mg is administered

For the treatment Idiopathic short stature (ISS) – dosage of up to 0.37 mg is administered

For curing the SHOX deficiency – 0.35 mg

The dosage given to adults is less than what is given to the children,

If its weight based deficiency that is being treated then maximum amount of 0.006 mg per kilograms can be given daily.

The maximum amount that can be administered daily for non-weight based treatments is 0.2 mg and then it is increased gradually every month in very small amounts.

HGH Pro is available in the form of files and vials of 5 ml and 5 mg each. Another form of HGH Pro that is available is cartridges and syringes of different weights varying from cartridges of 6 mg, 12 mg and 24 mg. The cartridges can be taken using the pen delivery system of the injection.

The pen makes the delivery of the injection easy and also less painful. These pen injections are manufactured by companies like Norditropin and Pfizer also make pens



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