Mental Health: Common Causes of Crimes

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Why do people commit the crime? Rape, suicide, murder, robbery, and a lot more of these crimes that are very rampant today is also alarming. Even kids on the streets are doing crimes, little or big, still a crime. But what are the real reasons why people do it? Let’s take a closer look at how mental illness affects people who are committing such crimes.

Top Reasons Why People Commit Crimes


Well, if suicide is the main thing, it points to depression. It is one of the topmost killers of suicide victims. The aftermath is much more painful, good thing there is crime scene cleanup Dallas to help with the cleaning process. But still, those hurting person that were left are being tortured twice. Imagine a person who committed a crime because of depression. Does it solve any single problem? It added a lot to the weight of the problem.

Needs Versus Work

Most robbers who commit a crime is weighing on the needs versus doing the white work. However, the sad reality, they choose the wrong action. They prefer the shortcut. Most people on this state can be called a mentally ill person. The moment you are unable to determine which is right and which is wrong, then you have a mental health issue.


When you grow a mango tree, it will yield a mango fruit. It is impossible to produce an apple fruit, so as the same with how you were raised. If the family is mentally sick, tolerating wrongdoings, then it is most likely that the person will commit a crime soon. Not all, but most people who are in the gang are with families who are also like them. So, this has become a social crisis, mental health issues that should stop inside the family.

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Kids, at their young age sometimes doesn’t know what they are doing. They lack moral guidance, or someone is threatening them. Parents, to their power, should protect the children. Although street children were mostly abandoned, they still need proper guidance. If they become educated about what is right and what is wrong, then there will be fewer crimes involving street children.

Under the Influence

Alcohol and drugs are the main reasons why people go crazy and commit a crime in their hand. Most people are unaware due to the high influence of foreign objects such as drugs to their mind. When this happened, crimes are quickly done, and it will be a huge problem for society. When you have witnessed a crime, you can contact the police and also, call the crime clean up services on this address.

Crimes usually happened due to the mental illness of a person. Fortunately, the authorities are doing everything they can to prevent one to arrive. So, if you know someone who might be experiencing a mental illness, better ask to seek help.

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