Make A Statement With Lingual Braces

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Due to many factors, people have mal-aligned teeth. It can be of any type, ranging from completely ill-shaped to having spaces between teeth. Some may have teeth coming too much out of their gums while some may have extra teeth, thus changing the appearance of their lips and face.

  1. How to treat mal-aligned teeth
  • To treat mal-aligned teeth, dental brackets, or more commonly known, braces is the solution to reshape the teeth.
  • These are cases that not only align and straighten the teeth but also help in reducing spaces between them. But having visible braces makes people conscious and creates discomfort, both physically and mentally.
  1. Is there any option to visible braces?
  • There are various types of braces available for this purpose like Invisalign braces, ceramic braces, colorful braces and lingual braces. From these, the patients can choose the one they are comfortable with and still get the desired results.
  • For patients wishing to get maximum invisibility of braces, lingual braces are the perfect solution. You can get the best lingual braces treatment in Dubai

From where to get best lingual braces treatment?

  • What are Lingual Braces?
  • Lingual braces are the regular braces only, having a slight but important difference. Lingual brackets sit on the inside of your teeth, thus, are almost invisible.
  • These braces also give the same speedy and effective results as that given by regular brackets but with the added advantage of less visibility. However, they are a bit tricky to be placed. So the treatment needs to be done by an experienced orthodontist to get effective results in minimum time.
  • At Cocoona Dental Services, we first understand your requirements, case and then plan the course of treatment. We also use the latest and easiest technologies and methods so that we can make the treatments as hassle free as possible.
  • We have the best and most qualified team of dentists and orthodontists in Dubai, having years of experience in various dental treatments. For us, the comfort and requirements of patients come first. Thus we always give proper importance to studying your case as individual and different, instead of prescribing the regular treatment plan.
  • This way, we give you the best results and as per your desire. Having lingual braces also needs proper care and maintenance so that gingivitis and other such problems don’t occur.
  • At Cocoona Dental Services, we guide you also in taking proper care of your teeth and overall oral health. We are amongst the best dental care clinics where you can get a lingual braces treatment in Dubai supported by a team of expert dentists.

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