Magnesium Stearate: What Harm Does It Offer to Your Health?

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Most food supplement manufacturers use magnesium stearate in their products. Magnesium stearate is found in several brands of dietary supplements such as slimming capsules and brain enhancers. This substance is added to supplements to act as “flow agents.” Thus, its purpose is to prevent the ingredients from sticking or mixing during the manufacturing process. Using magnesium stearate can make the production process much easier and faster. Hence, it offers benefits for all food supplement manufacturer since it helps in lessening the cost of capsules.


Magnesium stearate is commonly used for the production of capsules. However, this substance is a dangerous additive to supplements. Studies illustrate that magnesium stearate contains harmful components which came from its manufacturing process. This substance is a product of stearic acid and magnesium ion combination. Stearic acid came from hydrogenation of palm oil or cottonseed. The cottonseed oil contains a high amount of pesticides which are highly toxic substances.


The harmful effect of magnesium stearate


Magnesium stearate is a lubricant substance in supplements can offer risk to your health. According to studies, this compound can suppress the T cells in your body. It attacks the healthy cells causing the collapse of cell membrane functions. The T cells hold responsibility in regulating the functions of your immune system. Suppression on the health of T cells will lead to detrimental effects on your immune system resulting in the rise of serious medical conditions. Moreover, this substance can damage other cells resulting into malfunctioning of vital organs such as the liver.


Likewise, magnesium stearate also contains other toxic substances which are a product of contamination in the manufacturing process. Dangerous chemicals like calcium hydroxide, Bisphenol and Irganox 1010 is present in this substance.


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