Learning about DHT and its effect

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Most people, who then face the problem of hair fall, will blame the food they take, the lifestyle they live. Many times they will also try to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to get their hair on their head only.  It what people don’t realize is that hair fall can take place due to many reasons. Hereditary is being one of them. When are people asked what is DHT? They don’t have any clue about it. Even after so much of doctor’s consultation, so much research on the internet, it is very rare that people know about DHT.

What is DHT

It is the Dihydrotestosterone, it a metabolite which naturally occurs in a human body. It can be said as the most common cause of the hair loss problem in all the people.  DHT doesn’t make let hair loss, but it can confine and slow down hair progress to such a degree that the end result is hair fall. All men produce DHT,  some are not affected by it. The people who have an inherited tendency towards hair fall, a tendency still being studied worldwide, are highly vulnerable to these effects and need to take action against DHT creation in the scalp area if they want to protect their hair.

What to do

There is much more info available online about DHT and how it occurs. You can use the internet and get the information. There are various recommendations to decrease this DHT in your body or how to control hair loss. After properly consulting your doctor you can use these products in order to save your hair. While there are other options as well, you can try having food full of nutrients and proteins. You try using vitamin E in your daily life. But always remember to consult your doctor first.

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