How Kratom can Help with Opiate Withdrawal

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There are a number of drug treatment programs that are aimed at helping people suffering from numerous addictions. However, people who have to go through these programs usually encounter limited options. A number of addicts end up with a choice between quitting cold turkey and simply switching their addiction to another drug or medicine. But, this is not a solution and eventually leads to a relapse. The good news is that various people have used Kratom for relieving the symptoms of opiate withdrawal and they have found it to be successful because it is non-addictive and natural.

This Southeast Asian plant is gaining popularity rapidly for the treatment of opiate withdrawal symptoms, which can be immensely uncomfortable and painful in the last few days or even weeks. Taking methadone or morphine is not a good idea because they can lead to dependence as well whereas there is no such risk with Kratom and it can provide you with the same effects.

How to use Kratom for Withdrawal?

You can use Kratom for both severe and mild opiate withdrawal symptoms. The ideal time is to use it before the withdrawal progresses into the uncomfortable and painful phase. If you are proactive about the use of Kratom during the withdrawal process and stay one step ahead, it will enable you to quite opiates and reach optimal health faster. Therefore, it is recommended that you start taking Kratom before the withdrawal symptoms even begin and definitely before they get severe.

When it comes to opiate withdrawal, it is common for addicts to suffer from nausea and vomiting, but you need to drink or eat Kratom. It can be difficult to keep anything in when you are suffering from acute vomiting and this is one of the reasons why it is better to take the herbal remedy before the withdrawal symptoms are experienced in full swing. It is essential to choose the right Kratom strain, based on the symptoms that surface. Some strains are effective in relieving stress and anxiety whereas others are more effective in promoting relaxation and sleep thereby working as a sedative. There are also strains that give you a boost of energy. Choose a strain in accordance with the symptoms being experienced.

What should be the appropriate Dosage?

The effects of Kratom are quite powerful and can last for about five hours and an additional dose should be taken when you feel the withdrawal symptoms returning. The right dosage can vary for every individual, based on their unique physiology as well as the opiate they are addicted to and the amount of opium they used to take. Regardless, a moderate dosage is recommended for the patients, which is anywhere between 2 to 4 grams of Kratom powder. It will take about half an hour for the remedy to take effect. If you don’t feel anything, you can take 1 additional gram and do this again if there is still no effect until you figure out the optimal dosage. Once you have the right dosage, the withdrawal symptoms can be relieved.

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