Knowledge about Dianabol and its use in UK

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If you are confused about the benefits and side effects of Dianabol, then here is a complete account of the things you should know before you decide to use this anabolic steroid for its body building effects.

Dianabol is an anabolic steroid and has been known for its medicinal qualities since ages. It was initially manufactured by a Swiss company along with a US doctor John Zeigler as a performance enhancer drug. The use started increasing manifold after its launch in the United States by the footballers who saw an increase in their body build as well as performance. Soon after, it was approved by FDI for use in post menopausal women for osteoporotic conditions and in patients suffering from pituitary dwarfism.

Then why a ban in UK was put?

Initially Dianabol was recognized for its benefits and uses but later the abuse of this drug increased in the market and in UK Dianabol was classified as a Class C drug and soon a ban was put on its open sales in the market. Today, it can only be bought with a prescription in the UK pharmacies. Nevertheless use of Dianabol for person use is legal and it can be bought from a legal source

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Wondering where to find a legal source in UK?

Knowing that the drug sales are illegal in the UK, you must be wondering where you can find a legal source to buy the drug. There are legal sources online where the pills can be bought and shipped on the local address. Always stay alert while buying stuff online and especially when it is a health supplement because many fake sites have emerged all over the world which might sell sub standard products that can be harmful for you

Potential side effects of the drug

Any steroid when used wisely do not cause long term serious side effects but the abuse of Dianabol or its excessive use can lead to liver damage, appearance of secondary sexual characteristics like gynaecomastia, hoarseness in voice and many more.

Use it wisely and know the benefits Dianabol can give you

You must be aware of the fact that strenuous exercise sessions and healthy eating are not the only requirements in the body building profession. Some steroid supplementation is required to boost the muscle growth and accentuate the carving of the perfect body. Dianabol is the perfect option to increase the bulk of the muscles in the beginners.


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