Infertility- Symptoms and Causes

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Infertility is one of the arising problems in the adults these days. Infertility in terms of medically means when one of the partner cannot contribute to conception, or that a women is not able to bear a pregnancy to full term. In other words we can say that one may not able to conceive baby even after 12 months of regular sexual intercourse devoid of the use of birth control. Cause of infertility is not only women but in some of the cases men do also lead to the cause of infertility. It is found that nearly five percentages of all heterosexual couples have an unsolved trouble with infertility.

There are some of the symptoms which are guided by the doctors by which the infertility can be diagnosed.  Some of the Symptoms of infertility are mentioned below-

In women’s there are certain changes that can be seen like:

  • Abnormal periods- sometimes the bleeding is irregular that means sometimes it is more or lighter than the usual.
  • Discontinue periods- the menstruation cycle sometimes become irregular as number of days between each period may vary.
  • No menstruation- there is no periods at all or they stops suddenly.
  • Painful periods- there are back pain, abdominal pain. Pelvic pain and cramping may occur.
  • Alteration in the skin occurs including more acne on face.
  • Sometimes gain in weight also occur in women.

In men the usual symptoms seen are –


  • Changes in growth of hairs.
  • Sexual desire of some changes.
  • Issue with erection and ejaculation may be there.
  • Testicle of one may be small and firm then the usual.

To solve the issue and problems regarding the infertility there are many fertility clinic in Chennai which help and

guide the partners to conceive a baby. One can also look for the best Gynecologist in Chennai if the problem is

in women. They will diagnose it and cure the issue. To find the best gynecologist one should look for reputed

and one who is specialized in such cases and can deal with them. Proper guidance with adequate treatment is

very much important to partners.

There are various factors and root causes which leads to the infertility which need to be considered and take

action effectively if one want to cure infertility. Some of the leading causes are mentioned below –

  • Sometimes the ovulation problem occur in females due to several causes like imbalance in hormones, presence of tumor or cyst in reproductive region, when the one is addicted to consume drugs and alcohol, stress.
  • Chronic medical disorder may also be the unknown cause of the infertility.
  • In males, there may be issue with the delivery of the sperm like there may be premature ejaculation, or any blockage in the testicles.
  • What we eat and drinks also affect the reproductive organ of both the male and female. So one should also look out for what they are eating and drinking is it healthy for them or not.

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