How to have a Sober Holiday

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Being sober on holiday is a quite a compelling story to tell. This is one of the rarest circumstances that can definitely happen to a person. Staying sober on holiday? It may be a rare case to have, but it’s important, especially if you are going out of town or even abroad for a special holiday. 

But there are also instances where your resolve will be tested out of town. You could be offered avast range of alcoholic beverages from expensive whiskey to beer. But learn to control yourself and survive through the holiday, sober as ever. 

Do you find it hard to enforce sobriety? Well, you have come to the right place! Below are the ways that you can use to keep your faith and yourself from getting wasted from all the alcohol during the holidays especially if you are traveling abroad or out of town. 

Sober Places

Coming from the title itself, you must find places that actually represents sobriety just by looking at the brochure. You have to plan your destination and meticulously look for the places or countries that are offering low percentage risk of being drunk. 

You have to be aware that there are places that offer a whole lot of temptations when it comes to alcohol. You and your gut will be tested through a series of alcohol drinking sessions. So, you have to take note of the places that you will be setting foot during holidays. Conduct some research about the destination that you are going to. It will certainly help you in your alcohol rehab

Wise Scheduling

If you managed to go to a place that has lesser risks of getting drunk then good for you. But that does not mean that you are free from the power of alcohol. That’s why you got to have a wise mind to design your schedule. 

Making a schedule for your holiday is a good thing to do. If you already have planned ahead, then that will take your mind off the alcohol as of the moment. Formulate a list of the things that you want to do in the place or country that you are in. 

Do some research and find out some of the best things to do in the place that you are visiting. You will get dozens of recommendations. Ignore activities that include drinking. 

Go out and Meet People

If you forgot to make your own schedule or in other cases, all your activities are all done ahead of schedule, fear not as there is still something that you can do. 

Why don’t you go out and meet new people instead of going into the bar and being freaky with the beer?Go to the park, mall, market, or any places that contain people. Meeting new people is another way of taking your mind off the addictive beverages. 

Meeting new people is also a good thing because you get to increase your circle of friends. Bonus, if you meet people that do not like drinking at all. So, try to go out and enjoy the great outdoors with your new-found friends. 

Communicate with your Sober Friends

If you don’t want to go out then maybe you can still connect with your sobriety friends. International calls are expensive, so you may want to consider texting or chatting. If you are greatly craving for a taste of pint, then chat or text your friends. But if you want to talk to them then don’t worry about the international pricing and call them immediately for the sake of being sober. 


Being sober is one of the greatest actions that you will ever commit during a holiday. To help you further, you can use the ways stated above and stay sober during the holidays. Remember that your health and wellbeing is the most important thing.

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