How to Choose the Right Home Care for Elderly Parents

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When the time comes to hire a caregiver for an elderly parent, there are a variety of questions and concerns to address. Many would rather live in their own home or with a family member than spending their remaining years in a facility or institution. That is certainly understandable, which puts a greater emphasis on making the right decision for finding exceptional home care for an aging parent. In order to ease the process of selecting the best type of care, we’re going to examine your options along with steps you should take to protect yourself and your aged loved ones from some of the potential risks that are inherent to inviting any stranger into your home to provide a service.

Types of Caregivers

For care in the home, you have two options available to you. The one you decide to choose will depend largely on the type of care you are seeking. If you require routine medical assistance for an elderly family member, then you should opt for home health care services in the form of a home health organization or nursing agency. A caregiver from one of these groups will offer assistance with medications, physical therapy, and a range of other medical services that are imperative for the well-being of your elderly parent.

Your other option is a caregiver who doesn’t provide health care at home but other necessary services that revolve around daily personal care and maintenance. These typically include helping with personal hygiene like bathing or shaving as well as various chores around the home, preparing meals, and spending time with a family member who lives alone and has no other forms of companionship. This individual does not provide health-related care, so they typically won’t administer medications or offer therapeutic services of any kind.

Hiring Considerations

Hiring the right type of caregiver can be made easier if you assess the particular needs of your parent. If it’s personal care or household errands and cleaning, laundry, and meal preparation or their needs are somewhat more complicated and require management of medical care and doctor’s visits, knowing what is absolutely necessary can help you avoid hiring the wrong type of caregiver. But it goes further than just the type of care received, you should also be aware of any preferences your elderly parent may have as to the particular individual who is coming into their home. Besides conducting a background check and collecting references on any potential hire, there may be cultural, gender, or racial preferences that should also be considered when hiring the right person tasked with caring for an aging parent.

Follow-up and Monitoring

There is nothing wrong with checking in on your parent with the caregiver present and by doing routine monitoring to ensure that your parent is happy with the care he or she is receiving. In addition, you’ll want to talk to the caregiver you’ve hired to ascertain how the parent is adapting to this new arrangement. Finding good senior care Orlando can be a challenge, so be sure you do all of your homework before you hire someone to come into your parent’s home.


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