How To Choose The Best Therapy

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When choosing any alternative therapies, you should take into account some fundamental issues.

Do not go to the alternative just because orthodox medicine gives you repulsion because sometimes conventional medicine and alternative are combined in an excellent way. When diagnosis fails in conventional medicine or provides only chemistry which does not improve the symptoms then look for options in natural medicine.

Therapy always uses the most valid and reliable diagnostic method, regardless of whether it comes from orthodox medicine or from the alternative. To add to it, no method can do without listening to the patient.

Tips to Choose the Best Therapy

  • It is useful to know that “the best” psychotherapy does not exist. When choosing a type of psychotherapy, one of the things we should consider is whether it is considered effective. Any act therapy near me, CBT and some types of psychodynamic psychotherapy have been considered effective, and MBCT can prevent relapse in people suffering from recurrent depression.
  • Regardless of the type of psychotherapy, the relationship established during the first sessions between the patient and the therapist is very important. In the case of establishing an “alliance,” this good relationship will be vital to the success of therapy.
  • You might ask how much time to make available? It makes a difference to have one or three sessions per week. You should feel that you can trust your psychotherapist and build a working relationship. If you experience difficulties after two or three sessions, it may be worth talking to your doctor again. You may prefer to try another therapist or change the type of therapy instead of just giving up therapy.
  • Seeking advice from your family doctor is helpful. Generally speaking, your doctor will meet some therapists who specialize in different therapies and can advise a therapist or a therapy that you feel will suit your profile. Your GP may also consider that you do not need psychotherapy, depending on the assessment you make of your situation. You can agree or disagree: the decision to start psychotherapy is entirely yours.

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