How HGH Supplements works for Weight Loss in Women

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Today we are going through a very fast paced life. Our busy schedule affects our health as well. As side effect obesity engulfs the society especially in women it considered an epidemic. Many of them are eager to lose weight. In some situations, extreme level of exercise along with proper diet is not ineffective. This is when women trying to lose weight need to take help of another scientific solution- the human growth hormones.

What is HGH?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is secreted from a small endocrine gland called “Pituitary Gland” situated in the base of the brain just below the hypothalamus.

The human growth hormones commonly known as ‘somatotropin’. This is a protein which consists of 191 amino acids.

Women produce human growth hormones every day. After immediately released from pituitary gland it is absorbed by the liver. But the amount of human growth hormones produced by the body is constantly decreased day by day after 20 years of age. And it’s significantly reduced after 40 years of age.

After 40 years of age women feel a deficiency of human growth hormones. So this is very important to take supplements to avoid the negative impact of low level of human growth hormone. Modern science has made it possible to create supplements forms of the human growth hormones.

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Relation of HGH with weight loss

 It has multifunctional effects in the growth of bones, muscles, organs as well as cell reproduction. Besides this effect it has a positive effect on weight loss also. Simultaneous application of HGH can break down excess fat (lipolysis) which results in weight loss especially around the abdomen, hips, and knees.

Another effect is to keep women energetic throughout the day which increases the activities of women and indirectly helps in weight loss.

HGH in women improves hormonal balance along with sex hormones. Hormonal imbalance accelerates fat depositions in women’s body.

Is it safe for women ?

The tenancy of using human growth hormones to lose weight in women is increasing day by day. But one most important question is “is it safe for women? “.will it is absolutely safe for them. Because human growth hormone is a substance that derived from pituitary gland in your body. And this is produced in your body in the  natural course of events.

Research works

Many research works have been done on the following subject. In 2009 the Journal Of Clinical Endocrinology And Metabolism published their research wok on a lower doses of HGH on human health. International Journal of Obesity and related Metabolic Disorders published their research projects about demonstration on lab mice.

HGH dosage for women

If you are using injectible HGH then you have to discuss with your healthcare about the proper dosage. However, oral HGH supplements for weight loss are most helpful for women. To achieve optimal results women have to use HGH supplements of at least 3 month continuously. Check some HGH Results for weight loss which includes before and after pics.

Some beneficial women human growth hormone supplements like Genf20 plus and Genfx. This are dietary supplements that trigger the release of HGH from the pituitary gland.


HGH has many effective results on women’s body especially in weight loss. Less amount of HGH can be a preventive measure of obesity. But we should recommend to take HGH products under medical supervision.

Summary: If you are struggling to lose weight then lower human growth hormone can be a cause. Read on to know how HGH can help with weight loss.

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