HGH and Athletes –Why Athletes Use HGH Pills

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In news you have often come across athletes who are booked for their doping acts. In the competitive sports arena performing better than the others is always the challenges. Something this drives athletes to the edge and they take help of dangerous anabolic steroids to improve performance. However there is natural alternative available for athletes to improve their athletic performance.

Here I am going to share my experience on how HGH pills can help athletes to perform better in a safer manner. These supplements are available in various forms. Most popular among athletes is injectible HGH. My advice to athletes is to avoid injecting HGH at all times. Any form of injectible supplement counts as doping and it can get you banned from sports ruining your career.

Fortunately there are natural ways to boost the growth hormone production that can help your athletic performance in the long run.

Natural HGH

HGH injections are made from synthetic elements that are not natural to the body. Also injecting HGH into body disturbs the natural cycle of growth hormone production causing it to stop. To avoid such severe side effects I personally recommend you to make use of natural oral HGH supplements. Oral supplements do not contain any synthetic growth hormone instead are laden with potential amino acids that naturally stimulate somatotroph cells of the pituitary gland to increase growth hormone production.

I know athletes who use natural human growth hormone supplements for long and are able to boost their performance and endurance in sports that are said to be reserved for younger athletes. The effectiveness of using HGH depends on how safely and wisely you make use of these supplements. That’s a whole different discussion and you should talk to your health care provider and trainer for the same.

From my personal experience I have found HGH to be effective not only for my performance but also improve the overall quality of life. For older athletes growth hormones work by improving the underlying condition, aging. In his book Grow Young with HGH, Dr. Ronald Klatz states that aging takes toll on life and forces us to lead less-than-optimal living.


Maintaining optimal health is the real challenge for an athlete. Use of supplements should always be your second priority. Developing healthy habits and using natural supplements to boost growth hormone will benefit your performance the most.

There are no shortcuts for achieving optimal health.

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