Health requirements of foreign institutions

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Foreign universities and colleges generally have the health requirements for international students. Taking the health of the body as a basic condition for acceptance. Schools in countries such as the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Italy require that applicants for overseas students must attach physical health certificates or medical checklists to their submissions. Therefore, if you plan to study abroad, you will need to go to the hospital for a medical examination. The physical examination for overseas students is generally a routine examination. Some of the forms are accepted by the school, and some are formulated by the functional departments of education of the country.

Visas are the most effective gateway for countries to control the entry of patients with epidemic diseases. When students apply for visas to study abroad, in addition to individual countries, the vast majority of countries require students who apply for visas to provide medical certificates in addition to letters of enrollment or letters of invitation, financial aid certificates.

Due to the difference in the country of travel and the school (美国大学排名), the health requirements vary. Study abroad personnel should understand relevant requirements in a timely manner so as not to delay the study plan. If the student studying abroad is going through the intermediary institution to go through the formalities for studying abroad, it should use the intermediary institution to grasp the relevant provisions of the other school, and schools will often state their health requirements through letters or forms. If you are an applicant for study abroad who is in direct contact with the school, you should communicate with the school and understand the relevant content through the Internet, letters or other forms.

Specifically, for visas to study in the United Kingdom, the British Embassy in China has so far not required to provide medical certificates; to apply for visas to study in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, you need to go to a designated hospital for a physical examination; to study in the United States, depending on the United States, Schools also have different health requirements.(美国留学)

It should be noted that many countries now provide special medical examination forms for migrants applying for study abroad and require applicants to go to designated hospitals for physical examination. The purpose of medical examinations conducted by designated hospitals in various countries is to ensure that applicants do not pose a threat to public health. In particular, applicants do not become a burden on this national health service; they are suitable for the purpose of initial entry into the country.

It is understood that foreign countries are most concerned about whether or not immigrants have infectious diseases, especially lung diseases, AIDS, and liver diseases. Many countries require visa applicants to provide inspections and test reports for these three diseases. In addition, many countries do not want mental illness, drug abuse and drug addicts to enter their countries.

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