Health Problems from Unsafe Drinking Water

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The sources of drinking water cannot help but collect plenty of contaminants. Thus the drinking water passed on to houses is treated at different levels to eliminate the contaminants. Unfortunately, many areas of the globe lack this facility. Still, at many places, these systems are in place, but they do not completely eliminate all contaminants. If you drink these, you are guaranteed to fall prey to various diseases many of which can prove fatal. We highlight below some of the major health problems you can fall prey to after drinking dirty water.


A physical manifestation of possible intestinal infection like amoebiasis, the suffering person, passes water like stool multiple times a day. This causes all vital nutrients and water to pass out of the body leaving you seriously dehydrated and weak. WHO deems it as the top cause of malnutrition in children and reason for death in children of age five and below. It is not uncommon for patients dying of severe dehydration here.

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This is caused by the infection of the digestive system by the waterborne bacterium Vibrio cholera. The leading symptoms of this disease are vomiting, watery stools and severe dehydration along with nausea and vertigo. One contracts this disease by eating contaminated food or drinking dirty water. The disease can prove fatal as its incubation period is only two hours to five days. The World Health Organization or WHO records over 120,000 cholera-related deaths every year.

Typhoid Fever

Most common symptoms of this disease are consistent high fever, diarrhea, anorexia and extreme weakness. It is caused by the infection of the bacterium Salmonella typhi and is contracted through contaminated food and water. This disease can impact many organs of the body rendering them huge damage with consequences that can be fatal. Even if its symptoms reside, the bacteria still survives inside the patient. This not only makes the patient vulnerable but other as well since the patient can easily pass the disease to others.

Other risks

Besides this, you can get a sick stomach, skin rashes, even cancer, reproductive as well as developmental problems.

Ensuring safe water for yourself

The importance of safe drinking water needs no testifying now. Once you have realized it, it is important that you buy water testing kit online and test your drinking water. Even if it gives you a safe indication, you should at least install a water filtration system in your house so that you are completely assured of a clean and healthy drinking water.

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