Healing Traumas with Somatic Psychology

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Most of us are blessed with peaceful lives. However, at one point or another, many people can experience traumatic events. Whether we are talking about the death of a loved one, an illness, or a near-death experience, these types of events can leave deep scars in our minds. Overcoming these experiences can be very difficult, but no one has to do it alone, as nowadays, there are numerous therapies that can help. Somatic psychology is a branch of psychology that has proven to be very efficient in helping people overcome traumatic events. This type of therapy, focuses on healing the mind with the help of the body.

How the mind influences the body

A mental trauma will sooner or later manifest itself physically. The way it manifests itself differs from one person to another, and so does its severity. For example, for some people, the mind sends subtle messages to the body like frowning, which results in wrinkles. This is something rather insignificant, but it is one of the ways through which the mind is telling you that something is wrong with it. For other people, the signals can be more severe and they can lead to physical pain, like an improper posture that leads to back pain. In extreme situations, stress can even lead to chronical illnesses.

How somatic psychology works

Now that we have established the fact that the mind expresses its problems through non-verbal communication, let’s talk about the way that we can use the body to heal the mind, because this is what somatic psychology is all about. In simple terms, this type of therapy uses body exercises in order to induce peace and other positive emotions to the mind. It is a well-known fact that exercising releases endorphins in the body, which results in more energy and positivity. There are several other types of activities that can lead to positive emotions. For example, massages are known to relieve stress, yoga can improve your posture, breathing exercises can increase awareness and so on.

How a somatic therapist helps you

You might be wondering why you would need the help of a therapist, since many of the exercises used as somatic treatments can be performed by anyone. However, healing a trauma is not as easy as enrolling in a yoga or a dance class. The role of the therapist is to make you aware of the negative non-verbal messages that the mind is sending you. They help you acknowledge the link between the mind and the body, they help you understand your emotions better, and they teach you how to build healthy habits and gestures that will lead to positive emotions.

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