Habits That Kill Men’s Sex Drive

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Experiencing decrease in sex drive can be quite difficult for every man, and discussing this problem with a partner or doctor can make it even more unbearable. Those men who suffer from low sex drive can find certain preparations in online pharmacies like http://www.best-pharmacy.net that could help them improve their condition. However, it’s important to remember that decreased libido can be the consequence of a variety of health issues that can be treated. Thus, before practicing self-treatment, it’s worth seeing a doctor and finding the real cause of the problem.

There are certain habits that can kill libido in men, including:

  • Inadequate physical activity. Too little as well as too much exercise can have negative influence on man’s libido. Strenuous physical activity can provoke conditions akin to body dysmorphic disorder and eating disorders affecting male libido. Whereas, low physical activity reduces the levels of testosterone, worsens blood circulation and thus kills sex drive as well.
  • Caffeine and alcohol. Both of these substances can considerably lower sex drive, but it depends on the amounts of these beverages a man consumes and on how often he drinks them. Caffeine and booze are stimulants; they can worsen the underlying anxiety conditions which results in decreased sex drive. Thus, before you order drugs online, maybe it’s worth reducing the consumption of these beverages?
  • Watching TV in the bedroom. A 2006 study conducted in Italy showed that those partners who had a TV in their bedroom had sex less often than those who didn’t watch TV before going to bed. Reality shows, news, action movies, etc. are an inappropriate background for sexual activities.
  • Lack of sleep. Researchers believe that men with poor sleep patterns have considerably lower testosterone levels which results in decreased libido. Men who have less than five hours sleep for at least a week have much lower levels of this hormone than those who rest enough.



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